Spring has sprung!

It's my favourite time of year!

After cold winter spring seems to appear suddenly, almost overnight. You can feel a real warmth in the sun and you start to remember the kind of heat that will be on the way in the next couple of months.

Unless you also live in Cyprus I expect you are thinking 'Cold winter? She doesn't know the meaning of cold' etc etc, but living here in winter is a whole different kind of cold.   While it might nice enough outside, indoors can be uncomfortably cold. The houses are really hard to heat and we end up wearing so many layers and snuggling under blankets all the time!    This year has also seen an amazing amount of rainfall, the most I think in over 100 years I'm sure I read somewhere.   The country is just not good at dealing with this and there are been roads collapsing and property damage all over the place.

But Spring has sprung and I just love it!

Carnival week always seems to be the start of it, everything seems to speed up from then in,  Tsiknopempti,  followed by the big colourful crazy carnival parade a week later and gorgeous Green Monday on the beach. (we had a great one this year, some years the weather hasn't been so kind!)

The resorts are coming back to life in a frenzy (well, as frenzied as it gets!) as everyone tries to get everything ready for the new season as if they didn't see it coming in advance. Renovations happening all over the place that you think cannot possibly be completed in time but usually are.  Places gradually reopening and plans being made to revisit the favourites.

The weather hasn't changed for good yet,  we still might have an off day, it's going to be a fair few weeks before we can confidently assume it's not going to rain for months. (It's rained a little on Leo's birthday at the end of May once but I can't think of a time that it's rained in June since we've been here)   but it's so nice to have to doors open and wear t-shirts again.

It always amuses me to see the vast range of outfits that people are wearing,  from Cypriots still in big coats, jeans and boots,  to tourists in shorts and flip flops.   Locals on a sliding scale between the two,  I'm in the middle,  I've ditched the big coat but still in jeans, boots and I still have to take a  jacket 'just in case', it has to be over 30 degrees for me to think about the shorts,  you can't peak too early!

Best time of year for a walk on the beach - too cold for swimming yet though although I've seen a fair few crazy people in even a couple of weeks ago.  I did once swim on Boxing day,  but it was FREEZING and I only stayed in long enough for a photo and to say I'd done it!


  1. So true about everything speeding up from now on. We had Purim last week which is our carnival/shrove Tuesday etc... In two weeks the schools break up for Passover (same week as Easter) and after that it's one celebration after another until the Summer Holidays. It's exciting but also a bit scary how little time there is left of the school year. And we have the exact same problem with cold houses and spending the winter snuggling under blankets. On Saturday we talked about putting the space heaters away but them we had another rain storm. And more rain coming next week apparently. Otoh, we are grateful for the rain as we need the water. The Sea of Galilee has risen over a meter this winter and more to come.


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