The Christmas Target

Last week at Slimming World I lost 1.5 lb which left me 2lb to go to reach the target I had set a couple of months ago which was to lose a total of 1.5 stone by Christmas.   It was very tight but in a fit of optimism and determination I declared I would do it.

I realised it might be tricky with the plans I had for the week, the main one being the girls night out at Mojitos restaurant for their Christmas buffet,   anyone who lives here will know that while that is a guaranteed amazing meal,  it is not going to make losing any weight very easy!

Once home from SW group last week I shopped, planned and cooked.   I exercised, I walked and ate tons of fruit along with slightly smaller meal portions.

Wednesday evening I went out to a Carol concert and had dinner out from a limited menu choice.  I offered to drive so I would stick to diet coke and not be tempted by the wine.

Thursday, Friday, and Saturday morning (I'd had good intentions for the whole weekend!)  - 100% on plan

Saturday afternoon - Christmas drinks at a neighbours, couldn't drive to that one and 'accidentally' used probably a weeks worth of syns on wine. It had started so well, interspersing the drinks with water but as the afternoon / evening went on I abandoned the water! I resisted temptation as best I could though avoiding the chocolate lava cake, pies, and crisps.   It was worth the syns - a great day!

Sunday - Picnic by the beach with the girls and kids.   I had pate, crackers and cheese but resisted the crisps, biscuits and pastries (well, apart from stealing a tiny bite of one!)

Monday - Girls night out at Mojitos!   What can you say about a Mojitos Christmas buffet - they are amazing, they are huge and there is no way to dodge the syns other than staying at home which is not worth it for the sake of one night out!   I offered to drive again, saving money, syns, and a big fuzzy head for the following day.

Tuesday - I exercised and ate soup in the vague hope I'd still lose something,  maybe not the 2lb I needed for the award but perhaps just the 1 lb which would give me my Club 10 award.

Put on 1/2 lb
Honestly, I was really disappointed, I had a feeling I'd put on but thought I'd probably maintain whilst secretly hoping for a miracle loss.

But writing this post and seeing how much I did last week had made me realise that actually a 1/2 lb gain is not bad.  It's a bit rubbish that I had to think about it and focus so much and to have put weight on but I would hate to think what that gain would have been otherwise. I could have easily doubled the syns without thinking.  Looking back over the week I wouldn't be able to say I'd stuck to it at all,  a bit of damage limitation or as my UK consultant would say  'On plan, when you can'

I'm ok now,  I was annoyed for a moment that I'd gone off plan at all, then I realised it was a very enjoyable week and in the long run it doesn't hurt at all.

I'm still going to try and find a line over Christmas between stuffing my self silly every day with everything under the sun or sticking to the plan 100% and missing out on Christmas goodies.  I'm not really sure where that line is but I'll give it a shot at least.  I think starting with not eating EVERY time I pass the fridge like most years will be a good start!

Then come January, like the rest of the world I'll be on it, hopefully without a MASSIVE gain in the meantime but at least I'll be closer than if I didn't consider it and I will get to my target in 2019! 


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