My year in photos

The obligatory end of year / new year posts are in full swing so I'm looking back over the year through my photos.   I took much fewer this year than in previous years, trying to live more in the actual moment than looking at everything through a camera. 

I take many photos of the boys, this year I've been hard pushed to get one of them (especially Leo) to pose for a photo without dabbing.   It became a personal mission of his to 'dab' on anything, everything and everywhere, and most video clips taken would have included 'flossing' somewhere. I've got hundreds of photos of them over the year but looking back there are few that would be worthy of printing or framing. 

I'm not a great photographer (that's Aaron's department) but I love a scenic pic.   I've got lots of sea and sky shots, many of the same place as I can never resist! 

So here are 12 of my favourite photos, one from each month of 2018.


Sea view from Cape Greco

I love a winter walk in the sunshine, especially in the new year along the beach path. There's something refreshing and inspirational about the endless sea that makes me excited and optimistic for the year ahead.   This was taken from the top of Cape Greco, Ayia Napa.


Cape Greco Love tree

Another Cape Greco picture,  this time of the famous 'Love tree', a popular location for wedding photos throughout the summer season (so much so that you can often see a queue of couples and photographers waiting for their turn!)   Also the location of a geocache which was the purpose of our visit.


playing in the fields

Not as stunning a photo for March but I love this nonetheless,  I can almost hear Louka's battle cry when I see it!  We'd been exploring by our house and for the first time had been walking through the fields that we overlook.  It turned out we were walking partly in the buffer zone (a fact we only discovered as we passed a 'no entry' sign on our way out!).


The boys and I painted some rocks and with inspiration from 'Cyprus Rock Hunters' we placed a few in 2018 for people to find. Our first were placed at my favourite beach,  Konnos Bay (which has always been the background / logo for this blog) as I thought it quite apt.  I've had this photo as my facebook cover pic for most of the year since!


I had a harder time picking just one photo for May, it's Leo's birthday month and so that was going to be my first choice but a big highlight was also our trip on the Mermaid Cruise.  It was Louka's first boat trip, and the first Leo could remember, and only my second boat trip in Cyprus, plus the first time for all of us getting off and swimming,  we also saw real life mermaids!


Another beautiful blue sea photo for June, this time taken from the island at Nissi Beach  (Did you know,  that 'Nissi' means 'island' in Greek).  It was the second time I'd been onto the island, and the first time for the boys.  It's a beautiful beach but I'm only a fan out of season when it's not full to bursting with partying tourists young enough to be my children!


An evening in our favourite family restaurant, Zaferios, on the Protaras - Pernera boardwalk.  We don't go out that much so it's special when we do and it's so much nicer taking the boys out these days than when they were smaller. We even had a couple of enjoyable 'tech free' lunches out with no play area this year too!


Photo from Tempo Divers

The highlight of my year was our 'holiday'  where we joined the 'Neve's' as they came to Cyprus together for the first time. We basically gatecrashed their holiday and spent most of the time with them in their villa.  We had a fantastic afternoon on a private charter boat trip, a surprise 40th birthday party for Nic, and I went diving for the first time!


This was taken at Landa beach, Ayia Napa. It's a great time of year for a late afternoon picnic and we'd joined friends so the boys could play and we could chat.  It was a lovely afternoon /evening to end the long summer holidays on.


After joining Slimming World again in July I got into a routine of regular exercise, mainly at home first thing after the school run. I had been meaning to get out and walk for ages but never seem to get round to it. In October Dad and I did a 5k beach path walk, from Malama beach to the buffer zone in Kapparis, we only did it once - maybe a new years resolution there!


Sea, sky and sculptures, the perfect photo opportunity!
The boys and I visited the Ayia Napa Sculpture park in November, we'd not been for years and there had been lots of additions,  it's the best time of year to visit as summer is far too hot. 


I feel that December's photo has to be a Christmassy one and it's hard to find one that sums it all up so I'm going with a good ol' Christmas tree pic.  It's actually my parents tree and I love the fact I took this photo as it means that we got to spend Christmas all together.

I wonder what 2019 will bring us? 
Happy new year!


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