Christmas 2018

Tis the season to be jolly, and to 'make memories'  (have I ever mentioned that I hate that expression?)  so I guess it's also the season to blog about those memories too?

I loved our Christmas, it was simple, full of family, friends, food and fun.

Our carefully planned amazon order containing most of the boys presents has still not arrived, and I was upset when I realised it would not make it in time,  luckily my parents saved the day and helped us get gifts for the boys to open but I realise I should have known my boys better and not worried quite as much.

Christmas morning was probably our best yet,  now the boys are a little older they understand more and they didn't try and open everything in a mad panic and have it all done within minutes.  Stockings were opened, and then we had a break for breakfast before returning for the remainder. 

The boys were so happy with their all their presents, the shower gels, a new sponge each, sweets, chocolates and new t-shirts were just as appreciated as their big gift of Kindle fires.   Leo said couldn't believe how many presents they had got, it is certainly worthwhile wrapping absolutely everything!

Just a couple of days before Christmas, due to Leo coming home from school upset,  I (wrongly, as it turned out)  assumed he'd been told that Santa wasn't real.  So I took him out without Louka and explained all about the magic of Santa and why we all continue it for each generation.    He was a little sad at first but appreciated hearing it from me and once I assured him we would still continue to leave out mince pies and stockings etc he was fine, and proud to be considered old enough to be 'in on it'.   I think the realisation that the presents were not 'free' made a difference to him this year, he's starting to realise the value of money more and how much things cost.

It seems we've not done too bad a job, as even before this the thing Leo was most looking forward to about Christmas was everyone having a nice time together,   that was Louka's second thing after "OPENING PRESENTS"   but he's younger so we understand that!

We had a great time, Christmas Eve films and 'snuggle sack', Christmas Day at ours, Boxing day at Mum and Dads,  and our traditional pre-Christmas drinks and games with friends which is always one of my highlights.


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