Flashback Friday - 14 years

This year we celebrated our 14th wedding anniversary. 

We celebrated on the day (back in August!)  with a child free night out in Protaras.  It didn't go quite to plan, for Aaron anyway but it was a good night out nonetheless. 

The plan was dinner and drinks,  I had not long started Slimming World again but decided to try and stick as much as possible to plan with food, avoid beer and cocktails but not worry about how many vodka and diet cokes I was having! 

We wandered up and down the strip for a bit, stopped for a couple of pre-dinner drinks and eventually decided on a restaurant (that I now cannot remember the name of), the meals came (two steaks both medium rare)  but Aaron's was not cooked properly and got sent back, twice,  so by the time he actually received an edible meal I had finished mine.  He then had gone off the idea of eating and so we headed back to the pub!

After listening to a bit of the duo entertaining which was ok at best,  we decided to move on once the girl started playing a kazoo,  luckily a friend of ours was by this point performing up the road so we finished the night there instead.   

Although Aaron missed out on dinner, we had a laugh and it was nice to go to a pub and both be drinking which when we stopped to think about is something we haven't done for longer than we could remember! 

We even took a selfie to mark the occasion.
(We really hate selfies, and that was the result of several attempts!)


Aaron as he often does commemorated the day in rhyme on facebook for me to get up to, something that seems to have become a tradition since his wedding speech.

So another year has gone and it's about that time, that I roll out my traditional anniversary rhyme.
As always I will try to keep things light and witty, as I struggle to compose this year's little ditty.
This year makes 14 that we have been married, we have a happy home and two children you carried.
Our life in Cyprus just keeps getting better, although in August we oft wish it was cooler and wetter.
But as I examine our married life I think, Jesus Christ I could really do with a drink!
Because 14 years is a hell of a long time, to each year come up with a brand new rhyme.
Year after year I tax my brains powers when I should just say "sod it!" and buy you some flowers.
But flowers as always will wither away, so I end up writing you a poem anyway.
So you have something you can keep forever, a permanent reminder of our life together.
But this year I thought I'd give you an extra lift, for as well as my poem I'm giving you a gift.
It should be ivory according to the traditional list, but the modern one gives it a more metallic twist.
Your present this year should be gold, that's according to what I've been told.
So I searched and found something right up your alley, It's this great track by Spandau Ballet.

Happy Anniversary Emma
All my love


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