My Sunday Photo - Sunrise

I love this time of year, Autumn is starting to show signs of appearing,  it's a subtle arrival admittedly as it's still warm enough to swim (once you get in and start moving!) and during the day it is still very hot.

Nights are cooling now though,  we've been sleeping with the patio door shut for the first time in months and no fan on - it's not duvet time for a while though yet.

Sunrise is usually gorgeous though,  who needs filters when it looks like this...

Cyprus sunrise

I really don't mind my alarm going off when I get out of bed and see a sky like that.

It's a great time of year - still enough of summer but the promise of a new season (and the 'off' season)  is just around the corner, the kids are back to school and routine starts to appear again,  people are looking forward to finishing work, and it's nearly my birthday!


My Sunday Photo - doesn't need much of an explanation but back in the day I used to join in with a blog link up called 'Silent Sunday'  I think I did it for almost a year.  It brought a lot of 'traffic to the blog and was fun seeing all the other posts and getting to know many other bloggers.  There were rules,   Rules such as One photo only, No words, No explanation.  Must have been your own photo and taken in the previous week and so on.  They were a little restricting but it was worth following them to be able to link up and get the traffic.  

Nowadays I don't care about the link ups, and I certainly haven't got time or inclination to go and visit and comment on a load of other blogs so I make my own rules.   Maybe I'll add some words, maybe I wont,  maybe I'll add more than one photo,  maybe it won't even be mine (I will credit of course, I'm not going that rebellious!). Maybe I'll post regularly, maybe I won't  - you'll just have to wait and see!


  1. We get the sunset as out balcony faces west. The best we get in the morning is the sunrise reflected on the windows of buildings across the valley. I can see how your view could set you up for the day.

  2. When we first brought the apartment I was a bit disappointed that we wouldn't get the sunset, but that was before I realised just how many sunrises I'd be seeing over the years. Pre-kids the only way I saw sunrises was when I'd not been to bed ;)


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