The Big 40 - the extended celebrations

You may have heard that I turned 40 last week,   I believe I might have mentioned it?

I had a fantastic birthday day,  and a brilliant birthday party, but not being one to pass up an excuse to celebrate I continued for the whole week. 

I *had* to, of course as my bestie was over from the UK and it would have been rude not to. Aaron had basically 'given' me a free pass to do whatever I wanted for the week (cashflow permitting!) so we did!

A cocktail filled evening out in Protaras, at Zodiac, followed by Rockafellas watching the Ska Man. Followed by late night snacks and chocolate cake at gone 2am - well done for making cheese and ham toasties Nic and for my rose!

Recovery day followed with a huge lunch in one of my favourite restaurants followed by back massages by the sea. 

Friday continued with a chilled evening, nice home cooked dinner (thanks Aaron!)  and no alcohol in preparation for the big party day coming up. We decided that we should not drink before 3pm so we would make it to the end of the night on our feet.

Saturday morning was full of cooking and food prep, afternoon saw us by the pool again until it was time to do my hair.   The 'no drinks before 3pm'   didn't stand but we decided that shandys and spritzers didn't really count!

The party was great, you can see some pictures in the previous post. 

Sunday went surprisingly well, mainly due to the Mcdonalds breakfasts that Aaron went to collect for us.  We recovered quickly and well enough to spend the afternoon on the beach and come home to create a variety of champagne cocktails!

Our last day, Monday was to be a non-drinking day, and a very early night as Nic's return flight meant us leaving home at 4am,   but we made the most of the day with a wander through Protaras, cooked breakfasts at Loveboat,   a bit of shopping, a sit by the sea, and waffles at Zaferios. 

All in all it was EPIC  (and I'm fairly sure that a weeks worth of celebration, and 3 blog posts about a single birthday warrants an accurate use of the word!) 

Right, time to stop eating and drinking everything in sight and get back to work! 


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