Reasons to be cheerful - summers coming!

It's my favourite time of year here in Cyprus,  (well, it's one of them!)  the weather is warming up nicely, nearly everything is open again and summer is very nearly here.  Time seems to speed up as we hit this point every year, once Easter has been and gone, there is more going on, more places to go,  the beach becomes more fun (I'm never really a fan of wearing coats and welly boots to take the boys to play) and we start to spend most of the time outside.

So far I've only paddled in the sea but the boys have both been in.  I have braved the pool though, only once so far - it was really cold and the boys were laughing the heads of at me as I screamed and shouted my way through my first few lengths.   It got better though and I happily stayed in for almost half an hour.  It's great now that Louka doesn't need me to be in right next to him as long as he has his armbands on he is ok with me sat on the sunbed watching. 

Plans are underway for Leo's birthday at the end of the month,  and once that has gone its usually only a couple of weeks until the schools break up for summer!

This year, like this time last year we have the added excitement of looking forward to a visit my my oldest friend and Leo's Godmother Nic,  she's coming for a week and of course once she's here it seems to pass in the blink of an eye.  In fact Leo even said he felt sad about her going home already, and she's not even here yet,  I understand what he means though!

Our favourite restaurant is open again, and we've already been several times.  Usually just for a drink and a chance for the kids to play, and sometimes for dinner as well. We've been to the park a lot more, and met with friends which is much better than in the winter now the cafe is open again, giving us the chance for a drink or snack - always a bonus as its in walking distance from our house so I can sometimes have a cheeky beer! 

We've had the big switch over at home, rearranging the balcony furniture as we tend to do each year, and changed over the jumpers, boots and coats for shorts and summer clothes.  The winter duvet is off the bed, and it won't be long before the thin one is also packed away and its replaced by just a sheet.

We are also back to work, as wedding season is well underway so we're back out with the photo booths which I love, and the boys are always pleased when we say we are working as they look forward to spending time with their Nana and Grandad. 

It's not been a bad winter, although it's been a busy one with Aaron spending most of his time working on our new photo booth, converting a Mercedes limousine into the Klik Photo CY Limo Booth. (More on that coming up soon!)  and I'm happy that its now fully completed and we are starting to promote it and get the word out there.  (on that note, please keep a look out for our facebook posts and give them a share when you can, it would be most appreciated!) 

Following on from my last blog post - Slimming Sunday  that's been a big fat fail.   Apparently not even the promise of writing a blog post update was enough to keep me on track, but the first half of the week was spot on and I can only offer a ton of random excuses for the rest of it,  but whatever,  its nearly summer time and if my bikinis and shorts don't motivate me into it then I've no idea what will!

But that aside,  its all good!


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