The 1000th post!

Here it is,  my 100th blog post!

2,722 days ago I wrote my very first blog post,  sitting in my parents conservatory with a 4 month old Leo asleep beside me.  It was a spur of the moment decision,  I knew nothing about blogs, had never read any or thought about writing one. I can't even remember what made me think of it but I stumbled across the idea while messing about online and thought 'yeah, I'm going to start a blog!'

There was never a plan,  or ultimate aim for the blog (there still isn't to be honest!) but I'm sure I didn't imagine still doing it over 7 years later, or the things that have progressed from it.

Looking back over old posts I can see how they have evolved over time,  the early ones are very short - I think I was worried about waffling on too much and it being boring (totally missing the point that it was MY blog and I could do what I wanted!)  I wish I'd gone into more detail on some of them now,  maybe one day I'll get round to elaborating on some old stories.

I've often thought about going back and deleting some of the early posts or old out of date ones but I thought it would be hard to work out where to stop and they all add up to what makes this blog so they stay.  It would also mean that this wouldn't be the 1000th post!

There were very few images too in the early days, I hadn't realised how much they add to a post and I wouldn't dream of posting one without at least one picture these days, but that was before it became second nature to share the post on facebook or pinterest.

Speaking of facebook, I had a notification the other day that is was the 10th facebook anniversary.    I can hardly remember a time before it!  What on earth did I do with my time!

Always one for a bit of nostalgia,  I really enjoy the facebook memories that pop up each morning, and it is very clear that the way I use it has changed a huge amount over the years. Of course it follows as back then I was married but 'free'  - going out to the pub several times a week, working in a job I didn't particularly enjoy and generally posting whatever random stuff popped into my head.

Back in those days there were much fewer people on it, I remember people talking about it and more and more people joining up all the time, the joy of finding some old school friend you'd lost contact with and 'poking' people or throwing virtual sheep at them.

No-one gave too much though to what they would post,  (actually most people probably still don't!) and I posted many random and annoying vague status updates,  always being irritated that they has to start with 'Emma is....'

It's changed a lot over the years as have the way I use facebook.  I'm still on it just as much if not more than ever but it's our main source of advertising and also I'm just very nosy as to what's going on with everyone!  I think twice (often more than that) before I post these days,  aware that not all my facebook friends are actually real friends.

I really can't imagine having never started this blog, and a life without social media,   that may sound strange but without both I'm not sure what I'd be doing now.   I'm very thankful that I decided to start this all those years ago and it lead me here to where we are today.

Will there be another 1000 blog posts from me?   I have no idea,  at the rate I've been going it would take a lot longer than another seven years but who knows!


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