A 'Love'ly day - Valentines 2017

You may remember previous years posts about Valentines day, and how we don't really celebrate it in our house,  by 'we' I meant of course Aaron - for the last couple of years I've done something small to mark the occasion with the boys but we've not exchanged cards or done anything out of the ordinary. It's a bit of a long running joke - I 'moan' about it but I got over it a long time ago and don't sulk like I did when I was 18.

The day before Valentines I was talking to Leo and gave him some advice....  I suggested that when he was older and had a girlfriend he should always get them a Valentines card,   if nothing else it would make them very happy and save himself from a lot of grief.   Of course Aaron was in earshot and he muttered something about 'forced romance and over priced roses'  - or something,  I was too busy laughing.

I didn't get Aaron a card, or present as I haven't done for many years, and I no longer feel bad about it even if he does do something, which is lucky as he actually gave me the best Valentines card ever!

A simple card, but EXACTLY what I've always said about it,  its not what you spend, its what you do so it was perfect.

He'd written a poem inside,   which had me laughing my head off...

It's that special day again.....
A day that is loved by poets and bards,
A day that calls for flowers and cards,
A day on which I usually pass
and a day on which you normally call me an arse.

So I actually got you a card this year,
as I know it will fill you with joy and cheer.
but please remember you silly old tart
that I love you with all of my heart,
and no matter what else you hear
you are my valentine every day of the year.

I'm not sure that you are supposed to call your Valentine a 'silly old tart' but I wasn't going to moan about that.  (and don't tell him but he *may* have a point!)

Sam came round in the afternoon, so the kids exchanged home made cards and paintings and then enjoyed a special lunch.   Leo actually came up to me and told me it was the best party ever,   I was very surprised and gave him a strange look,  at which point he changed his statement to 'best celebration lunch ever'  - not bad for some heart shape stuff, sandwiches, crisps, and sweets on the table with a few items borrowed from the photo booth props and I took the chance to use our new light box. 

I love how they are still easily pleased,  and they were even more excited when I gave them peach juice out of a big carton with their dinner.

Sam and the kids went home for their own Valentines dinner,  and they finished the day with Valentines themed milk and cookies - I wish I'd thought of that too!

Image credit - Tiny Acorns Creativity

We finished off our day once the kids were in bed with a takeaway KFC - because nothing says I love you like dinner in a bucket!


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