2016 Flashbacks - Part 4

October is a favourite month of mine, it starts of still being ever so hot, and soon cools enough to spend time in the sun without feeling like you are going to melt!

We started the month with the Daxifest Charity Festival,   we were working with the Photo Booth and it was nice to be able to let the boys see what we did and get them to help out a little bit - well, they mainly left us and played on the bouncy castles but at least they were in Klik t-shirts!

It was my birthday month, and I celebrated the last of my 30's with a girls breakfast on my birthday morning as I had to work that evening,  followed by a belated night on the following weekend.

The boys and I enjoyed a great 'Ochi Day' watching the parade in the village for the first time and then having a day out on the beach followed by lunch in our favourite family restaurant.

We ended the month with some great Halloween celebrations,  both planned and almost accidental!

Cyherbia's Halloween Event was great as always, and we also went to a friends house for a kiddies party on the Sunday.  That was supposed to be the extent of the celebrations as we thought 3 days worth would be a bit much.  However I had invited Sam and the kids round on the Monday after school and as we realised that was actually the 31st we both just 'threw' a couple of themed bits together 'just because'!

We ended up with a bit of a themed lunch, a couple of games, including Skeleton Bingo, Spooky Sensory play with coloured spaghetti worms, and eyeballs (which the they pretty much just ate!)  and fishing sweets out of whipped cream without using our hands!     We even went trick or treating once we realised the neighbour were expecting us to!


Leo's highlight was taking part in a Taekwondo training session on the beach with the adults.  It was a bit of a learning curve for him, realising he needed to speak to the Grandmaster by calling him Sir and he struggled to keep up (which he should - he was training with black belts!) He absolutely loved it though and it motivated him to go for his yellow belt as soon as he could.


As always December was one of my favourite months, lots of things going on leading up to Christmas and then the holidays themselves.

So much going on in one fantastic month and if I hope to get this blog post published before February I'll let the pictures show a bit of the story.

Christmas was lovely,  seems like a lifetime ago now though!   The highlight for the kids being the great present hunt!   I loved the fact that we were all together and over the few Christmas weeks we had lots of get togethers with both family and friends.

So, that's 2016 covered albeit very briefly - here's to another year,   bring on 2017!


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