Wedding Wednesdays

Ever since I was a little girl I have loved anything and everything to do with weddings.  My earliest wedding memories would be from THE royal wedding of the decade,  Prince Charles and Lady Di,  I'm not sure I remember much from the day (I have photos of my Mum and I at a street party but don't actually remember it!)  but we videoed the wedding and I watched it several times afterwards.

I remember seeing a wedding car in the road behind my house and I sat at my bedroom window peeking through the net curtains for ages hoping for a glimpse of the Bride leaving!

There were very few weddings that I got to go to, at least that I was old enough to remember, by the time I got married myself in 2003 I think I'd been to a grand total of 5.

So how impressed would my younger self have been if I could tell her what we would end up doing one day and the fact that I am lucky to be a small part of so many special days. Since we started our photo booth business in Cyprus I've been to almost 100 weddings in 2 years!

Of course the main wedding / tourist season has now ended  in Cyprus and photo booth bookings slow down for the winter but it does give me the chance to get back to where I stared, back to blogging and I thought why not combine my love of blogging,  Cyprus and weddings all at once.

Since spending so much time in the wedding groups on facebook,  following the plans and preparation of so many brides to be,  I found out that I still love wedding plans! It's so much more than just a job, and just a way to advertise our business.    Of course as you know I love the island of Cyprus and I've been writing about it on and off for many years now,   I can't imagine a more perfect place to get married now.

So with this in mind, over the winter I will give you my own take on Wedding Wednesdays, a chance for me to share wedding info, ideas and anything to do with getting married in Cyprus.

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