Daxifest Charity Music Festival

Last weekend was the second Daxifest - a charity music festival and great family day out to raise much needed funds for local charities KEPA and the SBA Food Project, both of which feed and look after underprivileged families in the area.

We attended the first festival held in Achna last year, it was a brilliant day out,  although was not as well attended as the organisers had hoped.  As with most events, especially the first one, and especially in Cyprus of course it was not perfect but they took into account the feedback that came in after the event and made great efforts to improve for this years festival.

The promotion of the event, stall prices,  location, entrance fee,  Cypriot entertainment and more were all looked at and amended as the feedback suggested.  So this year I was sure it would be an absolute smash hit - not only a fantastic day out but a huge amount of money raised for the cause.

We had a stall with the Klik Photo Booth so we were there from the start,   Aaron set up and I joined him just before the gates opened, but my heart sank as I looked over and saw hardly anyone enter as the festival started.     Ever the optimist I figured it was early and the crowds would soon arrive.

But sadly they didn't, at least not any near the thousands that were hoped for.

Photo by Steve Barns

The presenters, performers and everyone involved in running the event did an amazing job,  working solidly for over 14 hours in the blazing sunshine.

The Organisers had worked solidly for months beforehand, advertising and planning but despite all their best efforts the event not only didn't raise any funds for the charities it also ran at a loss to the company.  

Seeing the post on facebook on Monday from the CEO of the Daxi Group, Natalie Reed sharing the news  broke my heart.   I've never met anyone who so tirelessly works for the community in so many ways and I know how gutted she will be feeling over this. not just because the very valid worry about the deficit in company funds, but the fact they are not able to give the money they planned to.

But why?    Where the HELL was everyone?!
It's not often that I rant online, in fact I usually go to great efforts not too as I have a fairly public profile on social media with writing a blog, running a business and a community website but sometimes it has to be done.

People say so often that there is nothing to do here, yet when someone actually gets off their arse and does something nobody goes!     I've seen it happen to so many events, groups, and activities over the years.

€10 entrance fee (ALL of which was going to charity) - for 14 hours of live entertainment, stalls,   food, drink and children's area - BARGAIN.

It was in Ayia Napa - an easy location, good venue to get to and with FREE bus transfers from all over the place.

It was advertised EVERYWHERE -   I cannot understand how anyone could have missed it, or forgotten about it,  unless they really couldn't have cared less.    It's not something I could usually say but I don't see how they could have advertised it any more!      If you want to know what is going on in the area LOOK OUT FOR WHAT IS GOING ON!      Pick up a Daxi magazine,   go on facebook,   look out for leaflets in shops,    follow the Eastern Cyprus Forum   or the Famagusta Parents Network.

I understand that not everyone can afford €10 entrance,  of course I do, especially when you add food and drink to that for a family.   I've been there and struggled to find enough money to buy a bottle of milk.        But that's not everyone,    and even then  what did those people do to help?

Did they share the event or tell their friends about it?  or did they continue sharing pointless posts and viral videos.   I love facebook more than most but it can be an amazing tool or a big pile of crap!

 I know that many people were working, and it was a 'school night'  but plently of people managed to work round that to support their community.

Since the event, I heard people say 'Oh I wish we'd gone now, seeing the videos and photos of the event'     or 'We'll definetly go next year, as it looked good'   Well, its too late now, there won't be another Daxifest.

It makes you wonder why the minority bother,   but we do and we keep trying to raise the profile of the area,  create events,  help businesses and charities and have some fun in the process,    and hope that we can make even a small difference...... but what could happen if EVERYONE does it?

You can still help.....  
Natalie has set up a Just Giving page,  PLEASE donate if you can.....


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