Now you are four... {Loukas}

Dear Louka, 

Now you are four!!   Happy Birthday little man!

The day has come, today is your birthday!   You have waited such a long time for your special day haven't you, asking so many times when it would be your turn but we are finally here, you are now four years old!

I loved it when you said last week with such awe and wonder ' I just can't believe it when it will be my birthday'  like you could never imagine that it would finally come.  You don't remember your birthday last year so it must be so much more exciting for you after seeing Leo's and everyone elses come and go over the last year. 

You have changed so much in the last year,  your vocabulary and general knowledge have increased dramatically.   You have done brilliantly with your swimming, being able to swim a short distance without your arm bands, and even swimming underwater to pick up toys!

The skill you have at playing the wii astounds me,  not only the days of me helping you have gone but now you can even beat me!

You can be very chilled out, I love to see you floating around the pool on your back in your own little world, and you can be quite and thoughtful (but only when you want to be)

Of course you can be very argumentative and incredibly impatient but you are also very very cute and get away with it far more than you should. 

Leo is your hero,  your big brother and usually your very best friend, whatever he does you want to do, whatever he says you repeat and you can be so brilliant together, of course this doesn't always go smoothly and there are daily arguments and fights along the way.  Within minutes they are forgotten though and all is well with you both again. 

You seem to have grown up so fast, like I blinked and missed it. Suddenly you are one of us, talking about anything and everything, opinionated and funny,   a real little character and your own person. 

Louka mou,   I hope you have your best birthday ever, and it is everything you hoped it would be and more!

Love you more than chocolate cake...... Mummy xxx


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