Joining a Guinness World Record Attempt

You may know that I do like a challenge every now and again and so it may be no surprise to you that Aaron and I decided that Klik Photo CY as a company would get our end of the island involved in a brilliant World Record attempt and a charity fundraiser that started off over on the west side of the island.

Back in 2006 Cyprus had the Guinness World Record for the longest chain of bras and Aphrodite's Bra Chain are hoping to reclaim the title again in 2017 by collecting over 200,000 bras.   The attempt is being supported by the Guinness World Records and will also raise much needed funds for the Archangel Michael Hospice in Paphos in the process. After the event all the bras will be donated to charities which will repair or recycle them for women in developing countries.

I loved the idea and am excited to give people on my end on the island an easy way to be involved, regular readers will know how much I hate the east of the island to be forgotten!

Photo Credit: James Walton Photography & Media

So far I have set up the following collection points in Famagusta:

There are also collection points in the UK (and we are looking for more, so PLEASE let us know if you can help!) 

So far we are collecting in Woking, Chalfonts (Bucks) Leicestershire, Staffordshire and Manchester, you can also send your bras to us - contactAphrodite's Bra Chain page and the details of where to send them to.

We are asking for donations of bras along with a 'golden coin' - a euro or a pound to go to the hospice. 

I hope everyone will have a good old rummage through their drawers and donate all their old bras to us. Surely EVERYONE has at least a couple of bras they never wear,  or are old and grey but they haven't got round to throwing out?    The condition of the donations doesn't matter - we just NEED YOUR BRAS!

Even if you are not in Cyprus you can still help us out,  we are hoping to get an easy (free!) way of sending bras to us from the UK (and elsewhere if necessary)   but in the mean time if you are generous enough to send some over please contact me for details on how to get them to me.

I will keep you updated on our progress, we also have some exciting events planned over the next year to promote the attempt and hopefully SMASH the record!

Longest Bra chain world record


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