Geocaching in Larnaca

Every year in the winter months the Salt Lakes in Larnaca are host to thousands of migrating flamingos, am impressive sight to see in all the many photos which pop up online every year but one I'd never seen for myself.

So just before the boys went back to school I suggested we drive to Larnaca and have a look or ourselves.  After our recent geocaching adventure I thought I'd take a look at the app to see if there were any near our destination, and the boys were excited to see that there were several. 

There was a geocache at the Kamares Aqueduct which caught my eye and we decided to head there first.  I'd seen photos of the aqueduct and always fancied going to have a look but always decided it was a bit pointless to drive there and then have the boys moan there was nothing to do, plus the fact I didn't know where it was!

Of course, having set the GPS on my phone for the cache finding the aqueduct was not a problem. It was quite interesting driving round backstreets and road of Larnaca I'd never been to before. 

(I've spent very little time in Larnaca and I had no idea the aqueduct was so close to the big cinema!) 

It started to rain on the way there, something that would usually have me in a bad mood before arrival but I was unusually optimistic and to my surprise the rain stopped by the time we got out the car. We were dressed for the weather though for a change and the boys were surprised that we let them go walking ankle deep in clay like mud!

Roman aqueduct

We walked along following the GPS but along the wrong path, running parallel to the cache but on the wrong path as we got down to 60 metres before it started going up again.  Aaron took a walk across the long grass and found he was getting closer but we came to the conclusion we wouldn't be able to get to the cache due to the wet overgrown bushes. 

Closer to the cache, but not close enough!
Retracing our steps and discovering we were on the wrong path we decided to give it one more try, plus the boys were desperate to run over the bridge we had passed.  As a child I loved steps, and demanded to go up any we saw, for my boys its bridges!

Look at the happy faces!

Of course, I don't want to spoil the search for you, should you wish to try and find the cache yourself but we found it in the end,  it involved a bit of an off path adventure for Aaron while I tried to stop the boys following him and slipping but there was much excitement as we located it and thanks to the GPS we even found a short cut back to the car!

By now we were starting to lose the light but we decided to swing back past the salt lakes on the way home, stopping to find another two caches on the way!

After all that, we never did get to see the flamingos as it started to rain just as we reached the lakes and we thought it time to quit while we were ahead, and everyone was still happy. 

I just had time to take a quick photo of the lakes...

salt lake in the rain

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