2015, the final flashbacks

After all my flashback posts so far this month, we have made it to the end of the year finally  and before the end of January!  

October is my birthday month, and last year I was determined to have a party, a proper party with dancing!  I considered going for a 'big night out' like we did in July for Sam's birthday but there would be to few people who were able to come so we went for the ever popular BBQ at home option, with the addition of some DJ equipment and lights to create the party balcony!

DJ AJ and his little helper!

October also saw the first ever 'Daxifest' - a family festival organised by the Daxigroup to raise money for local charities.  We went, expecting to only stay for a couple of hours while the kids were happy but in fact ended up being there nearly 8 hours!

It's amazing what a couple of bouncy castles can do!

I managed a few blog posts for the rest of the month, including how Louka broke his arm while playing in the park and the Halloween fun we had.


The highlight of the month was Loukas Baptism, which after years of debate finally took place on the 22nd, by coincidence exactly 6 years to the day that Leo's was held in England.

The preparations for Christmas started soon afterwards as Tiny Acorns and Santa's Cyprus Postbox joined forces providing Christmas treats and magic.

We had a lovely family day out to Paphos - which was so good it turned into 3 blog posts!  and a nice afternoon at Agia Napa harbour.


December, was the first month in 2015 where I took a decent amount of photos!

Before Christmas got under way properly, we went to the most awesome birthday party ever! So awesome that it deserves its very own blog post, but here's a photo of the beautiful birthday girl.

Christmas was lovely as always, despite the fact that half of us were ill.  The sickness bug started as school was about to break up, and it had just about left us in time for the big day.  Apart from the lack of whisky being drunk it was still good, they boys had a brilliant time, and the dinner was gorgeous!

Boxing Day was spent at the beach with friends after a big breakfast at a local pub and then the evening at ours for our traditional Boxing Day dinner of bubble, cold meats, cheese and pickles - yummy!

I have too many photos to try and decide which to share so I'll finish up the 2015 flashbacks with this one - it's possibly even my favourite from the whole year!


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