The Cyprus Problem and why I've never mentioned it

Although I have a huge interest in the division of Cyprus, and fate of Varosha, opening of the dividing line etc it's something that I have very rarely mentioned on my blog.  The reason being is that although I try and find out as much as I can, I am by no means an expert and I wish to avoid getting anything wrong.

The subject is fraught with difficulty as you try and remember the correct way to mention it - its very confusing for someone who is essentially an outsider to remember that the difference between saying border / checkpoint,   whether you say the north of Cyprus, or North Cyprus,  the Republic of Cyprus or Southern Cyprus,  the Green Line / the dividing line / the border / the buffer zone / Atitila Line and the list goes on.

This is of course because it is a very sensitive subject and so close to many peoples hearts, even though the troubles had been brewing for years it was only 1974 that the island was divided, a long time to be separated but in living memory for those caught up in it.

I live in Deryneia a village which is split by the dividing line and about 75% of which is in the occupied area.  My balcony over looks Varosha, the town which is cut off from the world and closed to all but Turkish military and UN personnel, so every day I see the sad sight of the crumbling hotels and one of the most beautiful areas of Cyprus missing it population and tourists for 41 years.

I love Deryneia, for what was essentially a random choice of somewhere to live we chose amazingly well. It really has grabbed a bit of my heart and if we ever leave this village it will be a sad day!

But despite my reasons I can't presume to understand the depth of feeling for those who have lived their whole lives here, who have land and houses in the controlled areas and who cannot return to their town.

This week talks have resumed (again) between the politicians and there was an organised event to push for the opening of the checkpoint in Deryneia. (more on that later) and at least where I can see there seems to be a renewed optimism in the air.

Of course there is no easy solution for years of troubles but I hope with baby steps, the country can move forward as Cypriots, whether they be of Greek or Turkish descent (and us foreign supporters!)

I don't know how many of my fellow expats are interested in the situation or to what extent,  apart from the papers, mentions online tend to be avoided in the forums and facebook as more often than not they descend quickly into nit picking or full blown arguments, (this is why I've never written about it before, politics and religion and therefore the Cyprus Problem have never been my thing - random ramblings about nothing in particular is more my forte, much less likely to offend!)   but maybe they are not talking about it in case they 'get it wrong' or accidentally offend someone?  or maybe they just don't know anything about it, before thinking about moving to Cyprus I had no idea.

But my sincere intention is never to offend and really I want to shout about it, let the world know and support in any way I can, and as ever for me my blog is the place to start - so here I am, foot probably poised to put straight in my mouth but we can but try!

As ever I welcome your comments on posts on my blog, but please keep them positive and constructive,   offensive and argumentative comments will always be removed  ;) 


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