Dear So and So - The busy edition

Several years ago I used to regularly join in with a blog 'linky called 'Dear So and So'   where participants got the chance to talk, rant, thank or express themselves however they wished to people, or random things. 

Recently my blogging friend Michelle has breathed new life into 'Dear So and So'  and as my blog could also do with some new life I decided to join in once more. 

Dear Readers, 

Are you still there?  
Thank you for sticking around even though it's not as busy here as it once was. I'm spreading myself a bit thinner than I used too but you can also find me blogging at Klik Photo CY now for all things photo related and on my other site the Famagusta Parents Network for all things 'Cyprus' related. 

I love all three of my little bits of the internet and like three very demanding and high maintenance kids I try to treat them all whilst loving them all the same amount!


Dear Blog,

I nearly left it a whole month without updating you!   I told myself it didn't matter and I would make up for it in May but I couldn't bring myself to skip a whole month, that hasn't happened for over 5 years!

I am sorry I don't look after you like I did in the old days, I miss the time I spent writing here and all that went with that but I'm not going anywhere anytime soon, even as you approach your 6th year you are still my 'baby' and I will continue as and where I can.  

Thank you for all the opportunities you have sent my way - I wouldn't be doing all the things I do today if I hadn't started right here. 


Dear 'Cyprus' friends 

I hope you are looking forward to this weekends FPN fun day?   The weather forecast looks good and I am hoping it will be a brilliant day.   Please come along with your friends and lets see if we can beat the fundraising total from last year.  

Thank you to all who have donated prizes etc and to everyone who is coming along to provide fun and entertainment.  

I'm very excited!! 

family event in Cyprus

Emma xxx


  1. I hope you are having a fabulous weekend and the sun is shining. Thanks for joining in. Mich x


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