More luck than judgement.

After last week, and my poor effort at restarting Slimming World which actually saw me putting on weight rather than losing it, I am happy to be able to say that this week I have lost 1lb

I can't say I'm proud of it as it was more by luck than judgement to be honest.   Still I have not really planned my meals any further than the next one, and usually then only coming up with a choice at the last minute.

Although I have mostly avoided sweets, sandwiches and biscuits, I have not weighed or measured anything, and have eaten far to many weetabix and not much fruit and had a drink or 2 most evenings.

I can't for the life of me work out why I am not taking my own advice, I have been doing this, and doing it well for years now.

I have a lists of excuses as long as my arm, and I know they are all rubbish. Once you have spent as much time going to SW groups as I have there can't be many excuses that I've not heard, and they are just that - excuses rather than reasons.

I'm just not feeling the SW love this time, if I can drop another 2lb I'll be able to go back to group without paying as I will be back in my (cheats) target range.  Knowing I would not be able to afford to go back after a break I changed my target back in January, making it 1/2 stone higher than I actually wanted it to be and therefore appearing to be at my target weight- yep huge cheat!

Despite not going to a group, I'm still having a weekly weigh in, and being spurred on by my fellow blogger - Midlife Single Mum who is doing brilliantly. I've also found  Slimming World specific link up so hopefully that should inspire me too!

What I would really like to do is join an exercise class, I fancy Zumba having done it many times on the Wii and trying out a real class last year.  For now I'll have to stick to the DVDs though, and that requires a little more motivation!

It's not that I need to tell myself that I can do this, I KNOW I can do this, it's trying to convince myself that I'm going to!

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  1. Even if you lose one pound a week you'll get to your target before me. You've not much to lose so 1lb is fine. Good luck for next week. I've linked to this post on mine. xx

  2. You are going to do it, you have done it so sucessfully before and really enjoyed the benefits, so go for it again. All the best, Mich x


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