Monday, 5 January 2015

Daxi Christmas Collection and FPN Charity Clothes Swap

Last year I became aware of a fantastic charity by the name of KEPA 'St Christopher's Centre for Offering and Love'  after being involved in the Daxi Magazine Easter Collection.  I chose to donate all the money raised at the Famagusta Parents Network fun day to the collection, and was kindly invited to the foundation for a tour.

The centre, based in Paralimni is run by volunteers and does a huge amount of work for so many members if all ages in the community. From the well equipped special needs school which helps more than 100 children with qualified teachers helping them to walk, speak, write and more, to the nursing home for the elderly it really covers everything.

The centre provide 'Baskets of Love' and this is mainly where the Daxi Easter collection was able to help out. By the donations the centre receive they are able to distribute essentials of food and drinks for families in desperate need. Since 1998 they have been delivering food parcels to the surrounding villages free of charge, and they also provide around 120 hot meals daily.

I was honored to meet the inspirational Eleni Gourounia who has dedicated her life to the foundation and its work. 
Just before Christmas, the community came together again to support the Daxi Christmas collection and a small team of us met up to collect the donations and deliver them to KEPA.

Image credit: Klik Photo Cy

It was the most successful collection yet and as well as donations of dried and tinned food, toiletries and sanitary products we also received over 100 wrapped gifts for children of the families that KEPA support.

With some help from Santa the children received their gifts after we had delivered the food supplies and it was an amazing thing to be a part of.

Image credit: Klik Photo Cy

As well as the essential food donations, KEPA also constantly collect unwanted clothes, blankets and even damaged clothes, as they are recycled raising valuable funds for the charity.  With this in mind I, as the Famagusta Parents Network arranged a 'Charity Clothes Swap' event in conjunction with 'To Posto' a local restaurant and guest house.

The idea was simple, bring along your unwanted clothes and 'swap till you drop'!

No money was to change hands and if you had no clothes to swap you could still join in by bring dried or tinned food for the collection.

There was a disappointing turn out on the day, but those who came fully supported us and made it a fantastic and worthwhile event.  Our hosts at 'To Posto' offered all attending free tea and toast and it was a very enjoyable morning.

I think everyone left with some new additions to their wardrobe, and we still had several large bin bags of clothes left to donate.

I was so pleased with my finds, a smart warm jacket, 2 skirts, a beautiful jumper and a scarf. I also managed to pick up a t-shirt for Leo and a child's Santa suit. I've had proper shopping trips in the past and come home with less!

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  1. Sounds like you got a good haul, and the charity got lots of clothes they could sell, so it was win-win!


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