Friday, 10 October 2014


Growing up I always hoped I would have two children, I was an only child and I often envied my friends with siblings.   I never really understood the bond between them, and how they often seemed to absolutely hate each other yet obviously still love them.

Aaron is one of three children, and many years ago told me that he'd like to also have three - quite understandably he's now reconsidered this and agrees with me that two is just fine!

I'm sure that had I only had one child, that in some way I'd have always wanted another one, and would have felt sad as so many of my friends went on to have a second.  Now at least I know, (and just in case for some strange reason I forget, am writing it down)  that I don't want another, they don't get easier the more you have, and anyway, I don't like odd numbers and being outnumbered by kids is probably just asking for trouble!

There was a point when Leo was about 2 when I thought there was no way I could do it all again, the sleepless nights, the 'terrible two's', the never ending need to have eyes in the back of your head.

Louka, like his big brother before him had never been the easiest of babies although it's starting to improve slowly. Aaron and I often asked each other why we thought no.2 would be a good idea when he NEVER slept and was full on crazy baby all day,  you know they say you never get two babies the same...... they are right, the 2nd one was worse!

As much the boys drive me mad, and I'm often rolling my eyes, gritting my teeth and trying to refrain from bashing their heads together, I do look at them (mainly when they are asleep) and think how brilliant they both are, how lucky I am to have them and how brilliant it is that my plan came true in the end.

They are really becoming a little twosome now, Louka looks up to his big brother and copies all he does and Leo loves to teach him new things.

I love to see them playing together, especially when we are out (and not just because it finally makes my life a lot easier - although it does help!)

It amuses me to hear them chatting away when they don't think I'm in earshot, Louka joining in with his games and really starting to understand what's going on. 

I marvel at how similar they are, how much Louka looks like Leo at the same age and yet how different they are too.

I wonder how they will change over the years and hope they remain as close friends as they are now.


  1. Aww they're gorgeous boys - I love the photos of them on the beach, you can tell they've got a master plan up their sleeves!

  2. Life with two is certainly different to life with one, but I think that the positives of it always win out. Its so amazing to see the two little people you made being friends, and your gorgeous boys certainly look like good little mates.
    Thanks so much for linking up to Siblings. x

  3. I would have liked a sibling for DD but having had her at 46 and being on my own, I realized that I didn't have the resources to cope with two - financial, physical, and emotional. I would have coped but who wants to spend your whole life coping? I knew that I could make a good life for the two of us so I resigned myself to having an only child. I am so grateful I was able to have her at the eleventh hour and she has a wonderful relationship with her three older cousins (even though they live in another country). Your two have something special though. They're a team, a gang. Siblings are special.

  4. seaside sun! so far for us :) great pictures!


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