Tuesday, 7 October 2014

Just keep swimming

Once upon a time I dreamed that I might have my own swimming pool, it seemed like the ultimate luxury and something I'd only have if I won the lottery. Whenever I went on holiday the pool was where you would find me, well, there or the bar!

Five years here and still the novelty has yet to wear off of having our own (communal for the apartment complex) pool. It was top of my wish list when looking for our apartment after all those years of dreaming of being able to swim whenever I wished.

It's the place we visited most this summer, the only way to cool down briefly in the middle of summer, and so convenient being just downstairs.

At the start of every year Leo would take a while to get back his confidence but with each year that passes it takes a lot less time.  Back in May, when I was being a big girlie wuss and refusing to get in the pool because it was cold,  I insisted he wore his armbands when I wasn't in with him, it quickly changed to him being allowed to take them off as long as he stayed in the shallow end.

Within a just a few days however, with me sat on the edge, I relented and let him take his arm bands off completely. Since that day they've not been on again!

Just chillin'
Leo's swimming has come on brilliantly, and his confidence in the water. Since letting him in on his own (always with one of us sat on the edge though obviously)  he's improved no end, and it's 'forced' him to swim rather than just clinging onto someone because they are there.

When it comes to jumping in, Leo is crazy!   Always happy to show you a never ending array of different (yet surprisingly similar!) jumps, from the favourite 'Spiderman jump'  through 'Rock star jump' and Power Ranger jumps.

Also this year he surprised us by suddenly swimming underwater, and picking up things from the bottom of the pool - as he discovered he could do when on one occasion I dropped my sunglasses and without a moments hesitation he was collecting them from the bottom.

From then on, our homemade dive toy (a plastic orange pot with a rock inside it) was the most popular toy at the pool!

Loukas was in on the action as well,with no fear of the water, which has both good and bad points! Always desperate to copy his brother, he finally mastered jumping in at the end of the summer after much encouragement to actually jump, rather than meekly step of the side with the danger of banging his head on the way in.

With his armbands on, Louka was happy floating around, and starting kicking his legs and getting across the pool with a surprising amount of speed.  His favourite thing was the lilo though, and we spent a lot of time lifting him onto it for him to throw himself off again with peals of laughter.

Leo's been a bit sad that it's now just a bit too cold to enjoy the pool (the weather is fine, the water is cold!)   but now he's just got a bike so it's onwards and upwards with a new challenge for him!


  1. Having regular access to a pool makes a big difference. We went almost every day this summer as we bought a membership ticket and the pool is 15 mins walk from home. DD has total confidence in the water and can doggy paddle without arm bands. She also likes 'swimming' under water and can do a couple of strokes. It's such a relief when they they take to is - one less life skill to worry about. Good luck with the bike riding.

  2. wow well done Leo thats is awesome swimming!!! and wonderful that he dived down to collect your glasses from the bottom of the pool. and Louka copying Leo....hmmmm I wonder where i recognise that? xx
    thanks for linking up Emma x

  3. How lovely the boys are able to swim in the pool as often as they want to. Such an important life skill. My youngest is yet to have lessons and the eldest needs more! #countrykids

  4. So good to have children water safe and what fantastic access to pools you have over there. I was very keen to have mine all confident and swimming early too with our river and lakes but how much more fun to have your own complex pool in the sun! Thank you for sharing with Country Kids

  5. Swimming is so important my youngest had to stop swimming lessons as he lost his confidence and it is such a worry, i need to find another swimming teacher that will rebuilt his confidence, he can swim but not very well x

  6. I think swimming is so important. well done on taking the arm bands off.

  7. We've had a brilliant summer of swimming in the sea - it's been pretty cold as we're in the UK but I've been determined to make the most of having the water on our doorstep! My toddler's grown in confidence so much, it really is awesome to watch :)

  8. It must be fantastic having a pool you can use whenever you want. It sounds like they have both come on so much with their swimming over the summer x


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