Monday, 27 October 2014

Halloween in Wonderland

After the success of last years Halloween event at Cyherbia Maze and Herb Gardens I was really excited about this year's offering.... yes I know it's for the kids really but I'm just a big kid at heart!

Keeping it fresh, and offering something different for this year the theme was 'Halloween in Wonderland'. Inviting everyone to 'jump down the rabbit hole' and explore the 'Magic Maze' the 'Haunted Herb Garden' and discover many more suprises along the way.

The Queen ordered her Royal Guards, the Aces to keep watch in the maze.  Our task was to find them, answer their question and collect a card from each of them.

Leo and his friend love the maze and Louka ran around happily behind them, not having the pushchair for the first time was a huge bonus for us as pushing it around on the gravel is hard work, especially when you keep going the wrong way!

As well as the Aces, the maze was hiding some spooky suprises too...

Scattered body parts, spiders and lots of cobwebs made it all the more interesting, fun for the boys but nice that it was not enough to genuinely terrify the litte ones.

Once out of the maze we headed for the tea rooms to enjoy the pumpkin treats and special Halloween snacks.  The boys also got to exchange their cards collected in the maze for a prize from the Creepy Cauldron.

As well as the treats they all enjoyed the games which included Broomstick Racing and Bobbing for Apples.

No more time to rest though as they were eager to explore the Enchanted Forest armed with their clipboards and puzzle sheets, where they had to find seven images out of a possible twelve which were hidden in the trees, The Cheshire Cat was also found here hiding in a tree.

For older kids (meaning Aaron and I!) it was time for some detective work as we located seven gravestones and found the clues as to how each person died.

Loukas doing his best 'scary face'

Lastly we headed into the Haunted Herb Garden to play 'Eye spy with my little eyeball'  and to find all the tea cups hanging in the trees to be able to work out the riddle written on each one.

Of course, I couldn't let the kids have ALL the fun though....

Once again, Cyherbia did a fantastic job and arranged another great family day out. It's a rarity in Cyprus to find events such as this, especially ones which are as organised and well promoted.  Well done Cyherbia, keep up the good work!

For more information on Cyherbia, visit the Famagusta Parents Network. 
All images originally taken by Klik Photo CY

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  1. A great written article which sums up a very enjoyable family day out at Cyherbia Maze and Herb Gardens Halloween event.


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