Friday, 26 September 2014

Reading Memories - Flashback Friday

Books and reading have always been a big part of my life, some of my earliest memories are sitting on my Mum's lap reading books together. As a pre-schooler I would insist on Mum reading the same books to me again and again, much like my boys to do me (and her!) now.  Often after I had dragged her out of bed at sunrise and run her ragged all day she would be struggling to stay awake once snuggled up reading books to me, her eyes would droop and I'd complain that she was reading my well loved stories wrong!

My Dad is also an avid reader too, and our house was always full of books. I also loved our frequent library trips which continued until I could drive when I would go by myself after work. I can picture the library as well as I can my childhood bedroom and I have fond memories of how we would split up as soon as we entered and find each other later on at the desk with an armful of books each. 

There was one book Mum and I regularly read, I can't remember the name but in it , it talked about people 'disembarking' from an airplane. Mum explained what it meant and carried on reading but for some reason the word held a fascination with me and I pointed it out and asked again what it meant each and every time we read the book.  It turned into a standing joke as I can remember her saying ' you KNOW what it means' It went on for years and is still mentioned to this day!

I couldn't give you a definitive answer as to what my favourite book was,  as I mentioned in my 'Life in Books' post, The Hungry Caterpillar was an early favourite, being replaced by the 'Little House' series later on.   Others that stand out would be the 'Enormous Crocodile' by Roald Dahl and the Mr Men books.  Of course,  much later 'Forever' by Judy Blume was top of the list for a while, like I imagine everyone else my age!

 I loved trips to the bookshop with my pocket money and would spend ages trying to chose which book to buy from the huge selection.  Nancy Drew, Mallory Towers, Sweet Valley High and 'Choose your own Adventure' books, plus the Famous Five, and Secret Seven - were all favourites of mine.

I can not imagine a house without books and I although I don't read as much as I once did, I still can't resist the lure of a unread book and head straight to the book sections when out and about at the markets and shops. My focus is now on children's books, and helping the boys to develop their own passion for reading to last them a lifetime. 

Just a small selection of some Leo's books!

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  1. We love reading too. You can never have too many books!

  2. we have the same tastes in books too!I LOVED the Little House collection and would read them every year. I also rememebr that Judy Blume book lol
    thanks for linking up xx


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