Thursday, 3 July 2014

Interview with a 5 year old

I've been a little behind on keeping this little blog of mine updated and my little man has been 5 for several weeks now without me posting his yearly interview!

Its a couple of weeks old now so knowing him the answers would be different even now, in fact I did video him twice as the first one was a bit of a disaster with him not really paying attention and Louka causing even more chaos than usual. 

After watching the lovely calm videos from my fellow bloggers The Boy and Me, Lauren and Jenny, I did think about retrying it without Louka in the background, but then I realised it was quite a good representation of this point in time and decided to go with it!

I realise I sound distracted, which is due to trying to work out how to keep Louka quiet - I must point out he wasn't crying because he was hurt, he was just being stroppy and he was trying to give Leo a kiss, he just tends to over react!  I also have no idea what Leo was singing in Greek, so if you speak Greek and it was rude I can only apologize!

Note to self, must try harder next year!


  1. That's very cute interview. The song he was singing is about octopus that play football :)
    I found the lyrics

  2. Such a lovely idea, this - I'm inspired!

  3. oh Emma i am so sorry but i was laughing through most of that because of Louka!! bless him and poor you , as you handled that really well considering!!
    i adore the fact that Louka is Leo's best friend :) xx


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