Embrace Happy

The last couple of years haven't always been the easiest of times, especially when it can be hard to shake the idea that 'we are living the dream' Aaron, the eternal optimist powers through convincing me it will all be fine, and eventually a whole lot more than just fine while I can find it hard to focus on the end of the week let alone any further than that!

Don't get me wrong, I have (usually) tried to look on the bright side but often have failed to find one despite the blue skies and sandy beaches (I hate sand anyway!) so being consistently happy is something I have to actively work at.

There has been a change this year, despite many of the existing problems still ongoing but it's still worth while realising there is always something, no matter how small to be happy about.

A fellow blogger, Karin (Cafe Bebe) is trying to help us all remember this, and is doing a very good job!

After joining in with #3goodthings for a while on Instagram and facebook, where you stop and find 3 good things in each day no matter how small, I decided to join a small group in the 'happy snail mail' challenge. Being in Cyprus I had to wait a little longer than most but soon enough I recieved my own little bit of 'happy' through the post....

a lovely card and picture from Karin with a short message inside, and the address of another participant to 'pay it forward' and share the happiness!

Being all caught up in Fun Day preparations I got a little bit delayed but eventually I got round to my task and sent my own snail mail with a little bit of Cyprus sunshine on wards to the next person, as well as one back to Karin by way of thank you.

I love the 'snail mail' idea, its so rare to receive it these days and being in Cyprus we get very few birthday or Christmas cards even,  it's even harder to go to a post office and check international postage than to just pop something in the postbox!

I love the whole #embracehappy idea and it does make you stop and notice the little things a lot more.

'Embrace Happy' has a new home and you can find it at embracehappy.com and join in on facebook in the Embrace Happy group which is open to everyone. 


  1. Emma,
    What a lovely post! Thank you for this and for joining in on Embrace Happy! I have been so pleased with how well received this has all been which tells me I'm on the right track. I'm so pleased for you with all of your successes! It's been brilliant to share in your Happy too!!

    Karin xx

  2. Karin is doing an amazing job, and as the blogging world has been quite bitchy lately, I think it's a really important thing to remember and ground ourselves.

    I shall embrace the happy with you!


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