Thursday, 27 March 2014

Rosetta Stone, Mobile Solution

I've been a big fan of Rosetta Stone for many years now, ever since I tried the free demo not long after deciding to move to Cyprus.

Having previously used the the TOTALe program on my laptop I was interested to see what the difference would be using their new 'Mobile Solution'

Designed to enable you to learn 'on the go' away from your computer, your progress automatically syncs to your computer.

I used the Rosetta Stone TOTALe Course app on my android tablet and it completely renewed my enthusiam for learning the language after I'd long got out of the habit of using the program on my laptop.

It was a much more enjoyable pastime, curled up on the sofa or in bed made it seem easier to dip in and out off meaning that I found it less of a 'chore' to do.

For me, the biggest advantage is how much more it appealed to Leo. At the age of four he attends local Cypriot school and is taught in Greek, therefore his understanding of the language is very good and 'helping Mummy learn Greek' has become one of his new favourite activities!

It amazes me to see how good he is at it and we make a great team doing it together as the bit he often struggles with is not the comprehension of the language but understanding the pictures, often needing my help to work out if someone is 'going into a bank or a post office for example.

Even Loukas at 18 months old is fascinated by it and will often sit for quite a while watching us, as long as we can keep it out of reach so he doesn't ruin our scores with his wild lunges at the screen!

The Rosetta Stone Mobile apps are available from the App Store and Google Play

I received an online subscription to Rosetta Stone for the purpose of review and in conjunction with my contributions to the Rosetta Stone #milestones blog.

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  1. I ought to get it for Hebrew. I'm embarrassed to, having been here for 26 years already. :P


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