Saturday, 29 March 2014

Marching and Mountaineering

March 25th is Greek Independence day - and is celebrated in Cyprus as well as Greece. It is a bank holiday, shops and schools are closed and parades are held all over the country.  Leo and his classmates took part in a school play to commemorate the event and came home proudly waving their Greek flags.

As usual on these national holidays we were 'treated' to the sound of one of the parades which sets off from outside our apartments, we were lucky to have to unusually late start of 7.45am though this time!  Leo and Louka enjoyed it though, watching over the balcony and then marching round themselves!

It was a lovely day and summer must be on its way as the flip flops and 3/4 length trousers made their first appearance this year when we all headed down to the beach path for a walk later in the morning. 

It's quite rare that we venture onto the beach while we walk along which is daft but the sand drives me crazy, especially when I'm not prepared for it but I'm really trying to get over that so when Leo asked to play on the sand I think he was surprised to hear me say yes. 

We took a very tired Louka down with us and had a great time playing on the almost empty beach, especially when we discovered a huge mountain of sand left by the diggers that had been getting the beach ready for tourists.  

Louka absolutely loved it and hardly even ate any which is an improvement on last time, it was only when I tried to take him off and he threw himself face first on the floor that it went a bit badly!

We finished off the outing with a meal at my favourite beachside cafe and Leo played nicely while Louka eventually fell asleep in the pushchair, 4 hours later than he would normally sleep!

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  1. An important day for the school to mark and one the children will enjoy. A sense of identity and history is important. How lovely to finish it off with a trip to the beach, and for you no coats! Thank you for joining me for Country Kids.


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