Christmas Eve or Christmas Day?

As a child Christmas Eve was a long day, spent annoying my Mum and being impatient for Santa to come, but in the last couple of years I think I might even prefer it to Christmas day itself!

In one of our Christmas books 'Kipper's Christmas Eve'  the dog Kipper asks

'Christmas Eve or Christmas Day?  What's better presents or expecting presents?'

I certainly noticed an air of excitement in the house this Christmas Eve now that Leo understands the whole thing and even though Louka is still too young he was picking up on it more so than he could have done last year at 5 months old.

In order to stop us all from going crazy we took a late afternoon trip into the local town of Paralimni to see the lights and get some fresh air. I was really pleased we did.

In the main square was a merry go round and a free bouncy castle with a tunnel and a slide (which Leo was very pleased to point out to us). It looked like there had been a market and entertainment earlier in the day from the remains of the stage and the huts set up but it was still a nice place to have a walk around listening to the Christmas songs being played through loudspeakers attached to the lamp posts. 

Maybe I'm just a big kid, but it did feel a bit magical and the evening was full of anticipation.  Leo even got off the bouncy castle without a moan when I said it was time to go home and reminded him he had to go to bed nicely!

We got home and I surprised the boys with our snuggle sack tradition that I started last year. Containing new PJ's - the first matching clothing the boys have ever worn, chocolate to share, a Christmas book, their stockings and a 'Santa Stop Here sign' announcing they had both been good.

Leo then choose the goodies to leave out for Santa, hung the stockings, re-watched his video from Santa and went off happily to bed full of excitement. 

Aaron and I had put some festive music on, had a couple of drinks, opened the chocolates and helped Santa with the presents.

Choosing the snacks for Santa

It was a lovely evening and I came to the conclusion that I prefer the build up to Christmas more than the day itself, already I felt a little sad it was all very soon to be over!

What about you?  Do you prefer Christmas Eve or Christmas Day?


  1. I read about that snuggle sack idea last year and also loved it. I'm still trying to decide when we could fit something similar into our yearly traditions as we don't do Christmas. As of it being over so soon. I was reading all the blog post about the weeks of prep for the big day. I went to work last Wednesday and when I came home it was all over. You guys need some 8-day festivals like we have, LOL. Your Christmas looks magical though. xx


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