Wednesday, 6 November 2013

Junior Scholars - Handwriting Whiteboard {Review}

As Leo is learning the Greek alphabet at school I'm always up for a chance to try and keep him up to date with his English too so when Junior Scholars contacted me with regards to reviewing one of their products I jumped at the chance.

Junior scholars Handwriting whiteboard

The board is a dry wipe A4 size, with lines arranged in groups of three, the idea being to help the children to form the letters in the right proportions.

Leo has some dry wipe books already and can quite happily draw over the dotted letters but usually needs to copy when writing them alone so I though this would be a great way to help him, especially as he struggles to keep his letters the same size!

Considering that they only teach the Greek alphabet at school I was very pleased with how he got on, although when he got to the letter 'L' he refused to copy the English and reverted to doing it in Greek!

I loved the board as it gives a bit more freedom than just copying over letters and when he got bored we progressed from copying the letters in order to me giving him random words to try and spell, when he didn't know how to spell one I called out the letters and he copied them from the top to be able to write them 'all by himself'  

The reverse of the board is plain and is advertised to be used for standard board activities although I did find that the pen did not wipe off as well on the back. 

It is priced at £3.99 and it comes with a dry wipe pen and eraser.

They do two similar products  - a 'show-me' letter formation board and a 'show-me' cursive' letter writing board which have the letters to draw over and therefore seem better value for money, although I didn't think these would help Leo so much as I didn't want to confuse him with cursive (joined up) writing.   

Junior Scholars can be found online at and on facebook and twitter

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