Saturday, 30 November 2013

Instajunction Poster and Mini photo book review - plus discount code

Although I'm not the best photographer in the world one of my greatest loves is my rather large collection of photos. Since going digital several years ago now I've gradually been taking more and more, and since getting a decent phone last year and joining instagram I've been even worse!

The problem with digital though is printing them out, it's so easy to leave them hiding on your phone or laptop unlike the old days of trudging down the high street to pick up your little envelope. Here in Cyprus it's even worse as many of the online photo printing sites do not deliver here, or they charge extortionate fees for doing so. 

So I was really excited to discover Instajunction, a great website which enables you to get your long forgotten instagram photos printed on a range of fantastic products. 

After much debate I chose a large poster (£19.99) and mini photo book, 

I absolutely love the poster, I chose the large size which is A1 size and uses 70 photos.  The printing and the paper is very good - 200gsm Satingloss poster paper.  Once we frame it, it will have pride of place in our front room. 

instajunction  instagram printing

The mini book of 50 photos is cute - £7.99 for the small one (8.5cm by 6cm) and printed on 350gsm Gloss heavyweight card.  It's a great size to carry around and a perfect little gift for Grandparents. I'm actually giving mine to Leo, putting it in his stocking at Christmas as he loves to look at photos like I always did and I'm sure he'll love the fact that they are all of him and his little brother. 

The ordering process was very simple, using your Instagram login details you simply select the photos from your instagram feed you wish to use, no editing needed - they know that you've already done that on instagram in the first place, the photos appear already square and using the filters you used at the time. 

You can upload from your computer, but photos will automatically be re sized, cropped and centered to squares.

Although the ordering process was beautifully simple, I found it quite frustrating in the way I could only scroll through my photos from most recent backwards, as I wanted to make both products using the oldest photos first it was a bit annoying to have to scroll all the way to the end in order to do this. The only other disappointing thing was that when choosing my pictures only 10 photos were shown at once, it would have been much easier if it could have shown more especially if you are as indecisive as I am!

However, although those things may have caused a lot of muttering at the time as a whole the process was very easy, checkout as simple and delivery was fast.  

Standard UK delivery is £2.95,  Europe is a very reasonable €3.95 and the rest of the world is only €4.95 and my order arrived in just a week which I was very pleased with. UK delivery is just 1 to 2 days. 

If you are looking to make some lovely gifts, or even treating yourself Instajunction are offering 25% on any orders placed up until 8th December 2013, just enter the code FRIEND25FJ

I was offered a voucher to use the website and purchase my products, the opinions are all my own. 

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  1. i think the canvas looks fab although choosing the photos does sound a bit of a pain. and i think it is good value for money too Emma if i have time i may well do this for a xmas present for Jon x x


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