Tuesday, 19 November 2013

Santa's letters come to Cyprus

I am a huge fan of Christmas, I always have been but since having kids I love it even more.

I've always said that Christmas is a 'Season' not just one day - well it says so in the song 'Tis the Season to be jolly'!  and most of the enjoyment for me comes from the run up to the actual day.

Christmas in Cyprus is a lot more low key than in England, and that combined with the usual blue skies and sunshine means that I like to work a bit harder to create the 'Christmas magic'

This year though I'm not just creating the magic for my boys,

Christmas Cyprus, santa letters

With the launch of 'Santa's Cyprus Postbox' any child in Cyprus can receive their very own letter from the man himself.

Personalised with information provided when ordering, Santa tells the recipient he is busy preparing for Christmas Eve and lets them know how proud he is of their achievements this year.

He knows what present they are hoping for, where they live and also mentions a couple of their friends that he will also be visiting.

He even requests which drink and snack he'd like them to leave out for him on Christmas Eve!

Also available are 'Baby's First Christmas' letters, where Santa introduces himself and wishes the little one a magical first Christmas,  and 'Good Behaviour' certificates to commemorate the child's place on his 2013 Christmas list.

letters from Santa delivered to Cyprus

The letters are €3 for 'Baby's first Christmas' and €4 for the standard letter.   There are two versions of the standard letter - that way siblings can have slightly different letters to enhance the personal touch from the man himself.

Payments are made via paypal (account not needed as they now accept card payments)  and the price includes postage in a printed envelope, complete with North Pole 'postmark'

To place an order visit 'Santa's Cyprus Postbox' on facebook

You can also follow us on twitter @cyprussanta  or email us at santascypruspostbox@hotmail.com

We will also be sharing Christmas ideas, crafts and other festive fun in the run up to Christmas too, so pop over and give us a like wherever you are!

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  1. A lovely idea which will bring Santa and Christmas excitement to all who receive that very special letter.


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