Sunday, 10 November 2013

A fortnight in the sun?

Before I moved to Cyprus, and before I had children the holidays I enjoyed were very predictable.  I used to like going to different countries although in reality I may as well have picked one as in each place I rarely ventured further than the pool or the bar!

In theory I liked the idea of exploring new places, and getting out and about discovering what the country had to offer but the lure of relaxing in the sun and getting a bit of a tan was just too much.

It's odd then that I didn't ever fancy finding good Cruise deals, feeling like I'd be 'stuck' on a boat when in fact that probably would have given me the best of both worlds.

Since spending many afternoons at the pool or beach with the boys, I can't imagine that a 'typical 2 week beach holiday would have been appealing with them.  We only ever managed at most a couple of hours before heading home due to having a bored / tired toddler,  I've always wondered and even been slightly envious how the families you see manage to spend all day by the pool and then go out in the evening too with the kids, suddenly the holiday doesn't sound so relaxing to me, not something I would have fancied saving all year for!

These days my outlook on holidays has changed completely, no longer having the desire to sit doing nothing in the sun (chance would be a fine thing!)  and without the panic of trying to get a nice suntan in two weeks, the thought of actually exploring different countries would be a whole lot more appealing.

I am lucky in that I live very close to popular holiday destination and so some of the things we would look forward to all year start to become the norm.  In fact now I dream of taking my boys on a holiday to England and showing them places I grew up visiting!

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  1. I agree- we regularly go to the beach or the pool for a morning or an afternoon during the summer so my idea of a holiday is now exploring Europe in places with rivers, green countryside and forests.


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