Tuesday, 1 October 2013

The bright lights of Agia Napa and fun at the fair

Earlier this year Leo noticed Parko Palitso,  the Luna Park / Fun Fair in Agia Napa for the first time, and had been asking to go every time we drove by it for weeks now. It's taken him a while to ask, considering we've been there to the indoor soft play area several times, and he never seemed to notice all the rides we walked past to get there!

Having never taken him to a fun fair before I think I may have been almost as excited about it as he was! 

The park doesn't open until 6pm, including the soft play area - a fact which annoys me (especially the soft play bit!) but I guess holiday makers prefer to spend their days at the beach.

Entry to the park is free and you buy tokens or a wristband for the rides, which is handy if you have people in the group who don't intend to go on anything.  

The amount of tokens varies between the different rides from 1 token (for the small kiddy rides) to 4 tokens so the price can quickly mount up although the wristband (priced at €25) gives you unlimited goes on most of the rides.   I think the tokens were €1 each or €10 fo 12 tokens  - we decided to go for the wristband so we didn't have to worry about how many goes he wanted!

It was a bit disappointing that there are some rides the band isn't valid for, which could be a waste of money if they turned out to be the favourites, but on the upside you don't have to pay on most rides to go on with a child if they want / need an adult to ride with them.  My Dad and I managed to put the band on loosely enough that we could swap it between us too which meant we got away with just buying one!

Leo's favourite ride was the Caterpillar roller coaster, which I think we went on 8 times in total, it was great fun, especially sitting with him in the front car and watching him wave his arms in the air as we 'raced faster than Spencer' down the hill!

Caterpillar coaster Luna Park

My highlight was the big wheel, for the brilliant view of Agia Napa. It was a little nerve racking, especially the second time when it was just Leo and I, and we stopped for what seemed like forever at the top!

I've never been on a big wheel before and I was a little surprised to see no safety bar or cage, or anything to stop you falling over the edge if you stood up. I did wonder if UK health and safety would allow such a thing! Leo was moaning that I was holding onto his leg every time he moved but it was quite scary!

Agia Napa Luna park big wheel, Parko palitso
The bright lights of Napa!

Apart from the main rides, there are tons of coin operated machines which could add a whole lot more to the spending money but apart from a game of Air Hockey we steered Leo away from them.

A big plus point is the large indoor play area which is free, the usual soft play jungle with trampoline, slides and a large bouncy castle - it's just a shame you can't use it during the day.

For big kids - or more accurately mad people there is the famous Sling Shot.

Agia Napa sling shot

You couldn't pay me to have a go on it!  It's a landmark you can see for miles around but it's only when you get close to it (and listen to the screams of the nutters having a go) that you realise how terrifying it must be!

There's several other adult rides which thankfully I had to avoid due to being with Leo, although the 5D cinema looked like great fun - fact Dad and I wanted to have a go so much that we went back a couple of nights later on our own just to have a go!

5D cinema   Agia Napa Cyprus

All in all, a fab evening out, not a particularly cheap evening,e specially when you combine with the neighbouring Mcdonalds or the restaurant or many food places in the park but then when have funfairs ever been cheap!

Leo had an 'awesome' night out, proved by the fact he was still going at almost 11pm, he did fall asleep the second we got in the car though!

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  1. 11pm?! Good God, what a boy to last that long (although I know timings are different out there). I'm glad that you had a good time, and it's lovely to see that you and Leo are still getting some time together.


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