Monday, 16 September 2013

Playing with ice and hunting for buried Pirate treasure

After a successful time playing with ice recently Leo has often asked to do it again so I thought I'd combine his new love of 'Jake and the Never land pirates' with it to make it a bit different.

Luckily here in Cyprus our milk bottle tops are yellow and I have a collection of them just for times like this  (see, I knew I'd want them for something!) having used them as pirate treasure once before.  This time I froze them along with a selection of Leo's most 'piratey' toys so he could 'hunt for his gold doubloons' like they do in the program.

Unlike last time where he was fascinated by the ice and asked tons of questions about it, ( how can it be water? how long did it take to make ice? when will it be water? Can I eat it? Why is it melting?  and so on!)  this time he dived straight into playing with it pretending to be Jake, and insisting Louka and I took  our usual roles as Izzie and Cubby.

I must say I am loving the ice play, it's the perfect non messy but interesting play for the boys, cheap, easy, minimal effort, and it cools them down, what more could you ask for!
Its great for Louka too as everything goes in his mouth at the moment meaning many things that I could do with Leo become a nightmare with the pair of them!

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