Saturday, 21 September 2013

Discovering green fingers

In my ongoing mission to find interesting (inexpensive) places to go I'm always really pleased to hear of a local child friendly event. Today  Garden Plus in Deryneia, a local garden centre was holding a Kids Fun Day so we went along to have a look.

It was a free event designed to encourage a love of gardening for children, and all the children got to plant their own flower or herb to take home.

My Mum, being the green fingered one of the two of us and a regular visitor of the garden centre got stuck straight in with Leo as he chose to plant a flower. He needed encouragement to get his hands in the earth but enjoyed 'making' a plant. He then helped his brother to do one too!

There was a lovely shaded area with free drinks, biscuits and a yummy cake and a bouncy castle for the kids to play on. 

Inside was a table set up with colouring pencils and paper, Leo and his friend drew rollercoasters (inspired by their trip to the funfair last night) and Louka did his first drawing sitting at the table like such a big boy!

There was also a stall set up by Banbao, a type of toy brick very similar to Lego. I'd never heard of them before but they seem to be quite a reasonably priced equivalent. They cleverly had a table set up for the kids to play and Leo and his friend spent a long time playing happily with the bricks building a bus and a farm, they even ignored the bouncy castle to do so! Looks like the start of a Christmas list has been formed!

Leo was pleased with his plant but disappointed that it had not yet flowered when he collected it at the end - it seems that gardening might be a good way to teach him patience!

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