Thursday, 5 September 2013

Bubble disco time!

During our seemingly endless summer there have been many times I have wondered what on earth to do to keep a 4 and a 1 year old (and me!) happy.  We've been out a fair amount but with the heat and two high maintenance children it's not always as enjoyable as it could be.  There are few activities though to do at home with both of them that are equally enjoyed, once I'd have built tracks, played games and done puzzles and painting with Leo without a care in the world, now we have a mad climbing baby disrupting it all!

Playing on the Wii is one of Leo's favourite things to do, and we often play Just Dance together, I love it as its been a long time since I went out dancing, and Louka loves it too - standing next to us and waving his arms about and laughing.

From this Leo has now discovered music and for the first time is 'letting' me play my ipod rather than moaning so much I'd end up turning it off.

This somehow led to one of the simple highlights of the summer....

One evening when struggling to keep them happy I suddenly announced it was music time and headed onto the balcony ipod in hand and armed with a pot of bubble mixture.  With no prior planning I declared that we were having a 'Bubble disco'

Music playing + Mummy blowing bubbles = mad dancing, laughing kids!

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