Now you are one {Loukas}

Hey Louka mou,  today you are one whole year old!

I'm not sure where this last year has gone, I said the same when your big brother turned one but I'm sure your first year has gone even faster!

You seem to have flown through all the milestones, one after the other from rolling over, to sitting, to crawling, cruising and now in the last week walking your first few unaided steps.... and climbing which is one I'm not enjoying so much!

I'm pleased that you seem to be learning how to get off of things, like the sofa and Leo's bed by turning round and going backwards. Not so impressed about how you try to get on the table, and anything else you can find when my back is turned!

You are the cheekiest little monkey and you are well on the way to a wicked sense of humor it seems. You have an infectious laugh and are very playful.

You can now wave and clap and you love to dance, waving your hands and bouncing when you hear music.

At the moment you are a real Mummy's boy and often cry if someone else holds you when I am in sight but you love your Daddy and get very excited when he comes home in the evening and you enjoy climbing all over him in the mornings when we go to wake him up.

Sleeping is not your 'thing' and we really hope you start to sleep better soon,  night waking AND early morning is not a great combination little man, although we do have some nice moments watching the sunrise and enjoying the quiet I'd still rather not be up at 5am if you don't mind. (after 11pm, 1am, and 3am)

You like to play with your toys but not as much as you like to play with Leo's, or my phone, or anything thing else you are not supposed to have.

I love how much you adore your brother, you try to copy everything he does and you love to climb all over him and mush your face into his giving him kisses! From the way you charge into his room in the morning to wake him up to peering round when I strap you in the car to check he is there and babbling away at him having 'conversations'.

You have very little fear, which is both a good and bad thing!  Bouncy castles, slides, soft play, swimming pools- you take it all in your stride and love every second.

I wish you a very happy first birthday little man, with lots of love and big smushy cuddles that you love so much!


  1. Happy Birthday lovely Loukas! I can't believe our babies are having their first birthdays!


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