Saturday, 20 July 2013

365 Project - week 29

Still following the prompts!   Here are this weeks....

14. Edible - it makes a change for him to be putting something in his mouth that actually is!

15. Outside the window - taken standing at my Mum's kitchen sink.

16. Bottle - holding it himself now!

17. Inspirational - We spent the afternoon at a friends house and Louka was so determined to get up this slide.  He never gave up, and made it in the end.

18. Number - Puzzle time with Leo putting in the last piece of the Number 1 tank engine.

19. Building - Leo building a tunnel to go over the tracks.

20. Hot - you know it's hot when the bouncy castle is empty because it's too hot to stand on!

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  1. i cant get over how much bigger Louka is looking this week. such a big boy now. you are doing so well to stick to the prompts - its interesting to see what dioffernt photos people use each week x x

  2. Well done keeping up with the prompts.
    My son used to build tunnels and little buildings for his tracks too.

  3. Love your take on the prompts very good especially the focus on the number photo

  4. Good use of the prompts, Leo is concentrating so hard on his bridge building and Louka did well not to give up on the slide.

  5. Lovely photos. We build a lot of tunnels too. x

  6. Oooh well done on getting up the slide! Not an easy task!


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