Saturday, 6 July 2013

365 Project - week 27

We crossed the first thing off our 'Summer Dreams' list by going to see a show by Perfomers Academy of Dance and Theatre arts. After being in his school show Leo was excited to go and watch one, it was quite hard work as he was a bit too short to see well so we kept changing positions, eventually sitting at the back on the floor in the aisle.  He asked a million questions during it which was annoying but he really enjoyed it.

For July I have decided to take photos inspired by a list of prompts for July from Fat Mum Slim.  I was undecided at first if it would make the 365 challenge harder or easier but so far I'm enjoying it.  I also decided that instagram will be my friend for the month and I'm loving playing around with the filters (even though I'll probably get told off by my Mum again for 'ruining' all my photos!)

1. Happiness - Another gorgeous Cyprus sunrise, despite the constant early mornings the gorgeous skies from my balcony always make me so happy to be here.

2. Shoes - Louka is always grabbing everyone shoes, cute but most annoying when you are looking for them in a hurry!

3. Cold - hmm, a tricky one in 35deg plus temperature.   Had to be ice cream!

4. Red, white or blue - another train fan in the making!

5. Love - Louka just adores him, even when he doesn't want to play.

6. Fave smell - Dinner cooking when I'm really hungry! - not my finest photograph but I wasn't going to give up the challenge so soon!

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  1. lovely photos love the sunrise

  2. I like the theme idea. I know what you mean about the heat though we haven't had 35 this week, we are hovering around 30 -31. Have a lovely July.

  3. What a gorgeous sunrise. I'd be happy to wake up to that every morning :)

  4. well done on attempting the prompts this month - too much like hard work for me lol
    i love your takes on each theme especially the 'love' one and 'shoes' and the 'red, white or blue' - i think it would be hard for Louka not to be a Thomas fan like his big brother. x

  5. What a beautiful sunrise! I think you have a very cute shoe thief.

  6. What beautiful photos. I love happiness :)

  7. Well done on joining in with the challenge, I'm finding it just that some days and I'm ending up with photos that don't even include The Boy which is most unlike me. I love the sunrise, and them both in their pants trying to have a cuddle.

    Thanks for linking up to Project 365.


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