Friday, 7 June 2013

The one where we went 'real' bowling!

Some time ago Leo suddenly announced that he would like to go bowling, it took me some time to work out what he meant as he couldn't remember what it was called and spent a long time trying to explain what it was he wanted to do. Eventually I asked him if he meant bowling, worked out from the random description and demonstration he was giving me but was confused as to how he knew about it. It turns out that he saw it in an episode of Handy Manny!

Initially I thought it would be an expensive activity that probably wouldn't go well and so I introduced him to bowling on the Wii.  He loved it and it instantly became his favourite thing to do.

Just before Aaron started back at work however, we decided to take him to do the real thing.

Not far from us is Play4all - a great little place with ten pin bowling, soft play and games areas. We've been to the soft play many times before but he'd never noticed the bowling lanes as you enter!

He was very excited when we told him we were going and he was asking lots of questions, the best one being 'will we have our own remote or share one' until we explained that we were going to throw the actual balls ourselves!

Play 4 all cyprus bowling

It was a Friday afternoon and as I expected we were the only people there, whenever we use the soft play we (and the people we have gone with) are usually the only people in there, people here don't go out that early!

Leo loved it and was really well behaved, and we ended up having a second game, this wasn't the best idea as although he had been sad that the first one had finished he'd had enough just a couple of goes into the second - you can have too much of a good thing!

He did get a second wind though and renewed enthusiasm and ended up winning the second game!  He used the ramp and had the buffers up, which stayed up for Aaron's turn and went down for mine which I was not amused about!

It was a great afternoon, and nice to be doing something so 'grown up' with him.  It was also surprisingly cheap  just €15 for three of us to have 2 games.   We didn't have to hire shoes - we asked as we paid for the game assuming we had to, and got asked 'You want to hire shoes?' in a slightly surprised tone.  We said, laughing 'not really'   and got met with the ubiquitous Cypriot shrug 'Ok, no problem' he replied!    

Only problem is that the place is right next to Lidl so Leo asks to go again every time we go shopping!


  1. Wow, 15 euro for 3 games?? We're lucky if we'd paid £15 for one game here LOL. The kids love bowling though. It's a great family day out.

  2. that is a bargain!! we love bowling its just a shame that it only lasts about an hour per game! and they don't have those fancy shoes for you all to wear? shame lol
    thanks for linking up x x

  3. They had the shoes, they were just optional to hire!

  4. I was amazed, most things like that are more expensive here!


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