Sunday, 23 June 2013

Lots and lots of bloggers went to #Britmums and this little expat stayed at home...

I'm sure there are many people who would like to swap places with me for a while, to be in Cyprus, in the sun, at the beach and usually there is no place I'd rather be but this weekend I'd have loved to have been in good ol' London town at Britmums Live, the UK's biggest blogging event.

For the last two years I've watched the build up and the tweets during the conference, and the blog posts afterwards from a place that is less than an hour away on a train from my old home and wished I could have been a part of it.  

There are so many people I would love to meet, people who have become real friends to me even though we've never met. I would love to hear the fantastic speakers they always have and pick up lots of blogging tips and most of all I'd love to have a weekend away with like minded people and maybe a sneaky few drinks and dinner!

The first year, I swore I would attend in 2012, I almost brought a ticket when they were announced figuring I'd then HAVE to find a way to get there. Luckily I didn't as we did not have the money and I was too pregnant to fly. When the ticket sales opened for 2013 my finger hovered longingly over the 'buy now' button but I realised it would not be possible.

Reading the posts about this year and comments from those who missed it but are planning to go this year makes me want to try but with two kids to take to England to do so it's not even just the cost of my flights and accommodation to consider, with Aaron working the season I couldn't leave them here - although I gladly would!

I don't regret my move to Cyprus for a second but there are often things, usually blog related, sometimes big celebrations that I hate that I have to miss, it may seem strange that this is the big one (with the possible exception of my friends wedding party) but yet again as now seems to be a tradition I'm now racking my brains for a miracle to get me there for next year!

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