Friday, 21 June 2013

Leo becomes a 'football man'

I always imagined that once I had children I'd be taking them to lots of activities - not in a pushy mother type way you understand, more of a 'How the hell do I keep them occupied' kind of way!  This was back in the day before I ever imagined living in Cyprus and I could see the huge range of activities for them to take part in in England.

Little Kickers classes have been running for a while now in Cyprus and I've had my eye on them for Leo for some time, although at first there was no class in our area.  This month however Little Kickers  launched in Paralimni, just down the road from us!

Although Leo enjoys playing with a ball, football has never been part of his life as both Aaron and my Dad are not fans themselves so I wasn't sure how excited he would be about the classes. I guessed he would enjoy them as what's not to like about running around with your friends for a hour but I have been surprised just HOW much he is loving it!

He's been to three classes so far and has been really sad at the end of each one that it's time to leave.  He is more than happy to go off and play and follow all the instructions and is full of enthusiasm for the next week talking about what he did.

His highlight so far was getting his kit on the second week, and I love how he calls it his 'football man costume' rather than his football kit!

Several of his friends also go so I enjoy it too as I get to sit on the sidelines and have a chat, well when I'm not chasing after Louka that is...

Little Kickers Cyprus

Most of the time he makes a beeline for the group, I guess he can't wait to join in!

Little Kickers Cyprus

I'm not trying to create a future football star but the point of Little Kickers is to use football as fun way to increase confidence, co-ordination and a sense of camaraderie, it is certainly doing that!

There are two classes running in Paralimni at the moment - Junior Kickers for ages 2 - 3.5 years and Mighty Kickers for 3.5 to 5 years. For more information you can contact them via the Little Kickers website  or find them on facebook

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