Interview with a four year old

Last year when Leo turned 3 I interviewed him after seeing the idea online. I thought it would be interesting to see how his answers change (or not) over the years.

Here is my interview with my four year old (with a little bit of input from his little brother!)

The filming could have been better but Louka insisted on standing up so I was trying to stop him falling over or grabbing my camera.

There were a few random answers but that's Leo for you!   I was also quite surprised that he burst into song halfway through when I asked him what his favourite was, especially as it was in Greek!

Oh, and he likes Lucie really!


  1. I'm so glad you did this again (turn it into a linky so we can all group our posts up)
    I'm so impressed at his Greek, clever little boy.

    I love how his answers start with the things he likes 'but not'. "All of the colours but not black. All of the toys but not the baby toys." ha ha! x


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