Saturday, 29 June 2013

365 Project - week 26

As is often the case lately I have so many blog posts in my head yet no time to get them written.  This week has been no exception and I'd have liked to have written posts about several things we've done this week.  However for now I'll let the photos show what we've been doing....

Playing with ice in an attempt to cool down!

Lost 5lb at Slimming World which took me to my 1.5stone award as well as my 'Club 10'

Discovered a new park.... with nice shady trees too!

Spent most of a morning trying to make a 'Spartan Shield' birthday cake for Aaron - it was ok but the colour didn't turn out quite as I expected!

Cake for breakfast, as we had to do it before school and work so Leo could see!

End of school for the summer so we celebrated with cocktails much to the delight of the kids!

Spent the afternoon at a party and everyone enjoyed the magic show.

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  1. i am the same i have so many posts in draft and reviews i need to catch up on aaaaaargh!
    lovely photos it must be boiling over there now? too hot really. still you made an excellent job on that cake - i hope it tasted as nice as it looked form your photos? cant believe Leo has broken up for the holidays now - 2 kids all day by yourself now eeeek
    and well done you on your SW success you ahve done so well Emma x x

  2. Fab pictures, I love the birthday cake! i hope he had a great day x

  3. A lovely collection of photos, I particularly like the photo of Aaron looking so adoringly at his Daddy and the fab cocktails of course. Well done on the weight loss particularly with the cake around :0


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