It's not all Greek to him!

If you've been reading my blog a while you will no doubt remember how worried I was about sending Leo to school, from trying to work out where to send him, and how to enroll to his first day at his 'big school'  it's been quite a concern of mine.  Although he seems to have enjoying his time at his school since September I had wondered exactly how he had been getting on, he always says he doesn't remember when you ask him what he's been doing and because of the language barrier he often can't explain very well even when he does remember!

Today the parents were invited to spend an hour in the class and then to enjoy coffee and cake whilst having a chat to the teachers about the children's progress.

It was interesting as my Greek is not yet good enough to understand what was going on very well but brilliant to see him there being so much a part of the class and happy.  As I walked in, he had the biggest smile on his face and after running over for a kiss he happily went back to his seat like he had been told to, although he kept looking over at me with a beaming smile and telling everyone in Greek 'Look, there's my Mama'

I had hoped to get a sneaky photo or two whilst I was there, forgetting this is Cyprus and you can do what you like!  Every parent in the room was busy capturing the moment on video, phone or camera.

The teacher spoke for a while, from what I can gather they are learning about Spring at the moment and butterflies, bees and flowers (among other things but that's as much as I could pick out!)   The children were asked questions and although I had no idea what was being said I was so proud to see Leo put his hand up to answer several times.

The only sad bit for me was when they were 'testing' the parents and asking them the questions, after a few others had answered Leo called over to me 'Put your hand up Mama, like this when you know the answer', obviously I couldn't answer any and he looked at me with such a hopeful expression each time!  That's all the encouragement I need to carry on learning the language though.

The best bit for me was seeing him join in with the singing, in his first week at his old school I watched him sat in the class while they all sang a song, he was the only one not joining in then and I'd felt so sorry for him not understanding what was being said in what I'm sure was a very popular song for children. It stuck with me for ages afterwards and I often wondered how hard it must be to be the only English one in the class.

Today though, he really did us proud - singing his little heart out with the rest of them!

After the singing we got to sit with our child to see their work and join in with them, it was a real pleasure to hear him talking away to the other children and even their parents as if he'd been speaking Greek all his life. At one point another parent spoke to me and as I hesitated trying to understand and answer Leo told them, in Greek that 'Mama doesn't speak Greek, she is only learning'  They then asked if he learnt from my husband, when I told them just from school they were very surprised. The teacher spoke to me afterwards and told me that Leo is very good, very clever and also kind, she is very happy with him.


  1. veryboredincatalunya9 April 2013 at 21:19

    Aww that's lovely. It's so nice when you see them settled and enjoying their new school environment, they really do take to these things much better than we do!

  2. Bavarian Sojourn9 April 2013 at 21:56

    WOW, that's brilliant! You must be so proud... Good luck with the language learning, it's not blinking easy is it? :)

  3. awwww thats such a lovely post to read about your big boy. he is doing so well - bless him. to go to a school where he couldnt speak or understand the language and now he is able to read it too and sing - amazing. you have every right to be very proud of him. they say teaching children at a young age another language is the best way, and comparing the two of you this theory is correct!! lol (cheeky me!) x

  4. MidlifeSinglemum10 April 2013 at 09:07

    It's great that Leo's Greek is so good. My daughter isn't so comfortable in Hebrew and she's been in full time Hebrew nursery since she was 21 months. I feel bad for her but I hope she'll get more confident soon.

  5. that's awesome! Leo sounds like a very bright kid. I've found it hard over the years with the two language thing (we are in Turkey) but my oldest (now eight) can read something in Turkish but say the words in English - it is such a gift to give your children, whether they want a career in languages or not when they are older they will always be able to get a job, and that is an amazing thing!

  6. Got goosebumps reading this. Well done Leo!

  7. I might be crying reading this, you must be so very proud of him Emma, and rightly so!

  8. Gorgeous post; what a bright boy. I remember my Greek school days like they were yesterday (although mine were every Saturday in Leeds).

  9. So sweet, I'm glad he is doing well in school and its amazing how easily children can pick up a new language! You must be so proud!


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