Carnival and Green Monday in Cyprus

Every year one of the highlights of the Cypriot calendar is Carnival time,  dating back to Ancient Greek times celebrations were held in honour of the God Dionysus and in Cyprus Carnival is associated with the beginning of the fasting leading up to Easter.  Celebrations  run 10 days up to the final big parades on the Sunday before 'Green Monday' - the start of lent, 40 days before Orthodox Easter.

The biggest celebrations on the island are held in Limassol but our local town also has a carnival, we went last year  but Leo was still a little young to appreciate it. This year I took him again all proudly dressed as Spiderman and I had intended to find a spot just outside of the main square to watch the parade, however I changed my mind when I realised we'd be able to tag along with some friends of ours and actually walk in the parade too!

Leo was a bit bemused at first as there was so many people ('Wow Mama, so many people come to see us'!)  and it was quite loud with the music blaring out all the way and there were so many streamers and silly string flying about!   But most of the time he had a huge smile on his face as we danced down the road.

When we got to the end there was a very conveniently parked ice cream van so we had the first one of the season sitting on a wall whilst watching the rest of the parade come in behind us.

After all the partying on the Sunday, comes the family day of Green Monday - a day where traditionally families gather for picnics (meat free of course) and usually kite flying.  Instead we opted to go to a family fun day at a local pub which was raising money for local charity Golden Hearts.

The weather was gorgeous and I was hugely unprepared for it by dressing Leo in a long sleeve top, and not even thinking about suncream or a hat for Louka, my friend came to the resuce with suncream, a different top for Leo and Louka borrowed her sons hat.... her son who is 4!

We spent the whole afternoon there with friends, sitting in the sun while the kids played on the bouncy castle for hours! As with most events in Cyprus it could have done with a few more stalls ( I can never understand why more people don't go along to these things) and I was a bit surprised there weren't a few more games for the kids but it probably saved us money by there not being any!

There was a really good turn out of people though and it was nice as there was a group of us there so is was a great social afternoon.  Everyone seemed to be enjoying themselves and hopefully they raised a lot of money for a good cause too.

Cyprus Green Monday 2013

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  1. Looks like a very fun couple of days!
    One thing I've noticed on your blog is that Cyprus seems to have a lot more celebrations than we do here. They seem to really go for it and make each celebration a real community thing. I really like that, must be a lovely place to live due to that x

  2. What a lovely day, I remember reading about this last year. The photos are fabulous!

  3. What a lovely day, great photos

  4. Great colourful photos and the day looks like such fun

  5. Elaine Livingstone23 March 2013 at 13:06

    sadly these sorts of events always seem to get rained on in this country. Looks like a brilliant day was enjoyed and I love all the colourful costumes.

  6. Reading your blog always makes me yearn for summer or a foreign holiday at least. Sounds like you had the perfect day together and Louka looks very cute in his oversized hat :)

  7. Oh for the warmth of Cyprus, I love carnival time here but has to be July for us to have your lovely weather. I love all your colourful photos, it looks like a magical day and must have taken a lot of organizing..

  8. I bet it did, I'd love the challenge of organising something that big!

  9. They do, maybe there is something to be said for religion as most celebrations here are religious in some way!

  10. that looks like a lot of fun! and all that sun and hot weather too.people over here have had snow again - madness (not us). i hope lots of money was raised x

  11. Yep I could do with some of that sunshine please. Looks like a lot of fun!

  12. oh my so jealous of the sunshine you have!

  13. Look at that weather and look at those colours. How I long for those beautiful blue skies. It looks like you all had a great time

  14. That weather looks beautiful! We have 13 inches of snow at the moment! I'd love a bit of sun!! Cyprus is very special to us as its where we got married and had our honeymoon. It's a beautiful place xxx

  15. So nice to read a country kids linky that is in the sun - looks like you had an amazing time at the carnival, wish I was there :)

    Laura x

  16. Looks like so much fun and great to get the children involved. Sunshine looks amazing :)


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