Friday, 1 February 2013

Flashback Friday - First beach trip

I've missed the last few weeks of my favourite linky - Flashback Friday but after seeing Lauren's last week I decided to go with the same theme!

Leo's first beach trip was at 8 months old, almost exactly 3 years ago, in January 2010. Although I had started my blog we still had no internet having only been in Cyprus for 3 months at that time and back then I didn't 'blog' much at all anyway!

We took him to Macronissos beach in Agia Napa, probably on the way to our 'local' pub which is just at the top of the road leading to the beach.

I think Leo was fairly nonplussed by the whole event, neither hating it or showing signs of loving it,I do remember he was bemused by the sea and 'stood' for a long time just staring at it.  I did take him for a little paddle - you can tell we were fresh of the plane as it seems ridiculous to think of dunking Louka's feet in the sea in January!


  1. I love the beach. My 2 hated the sand at first and the sea although our beach in Scotland is probably a lot colder than one in Greece lol

  2. Burton was over a year old before he had his first walk along a beach!! such sweet photos Emma - i love the last one of him marching almost! thanks for linking up x

  3. The Boy's first trip to the beach went down a treat, he adored feeling the squidgy sand between his toes. Lovely photo of Leo looking so very little!

  4. Lovely photos Emma. It looks really warm, was it not? I love the photo of you and Leo, so cute.


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