Saturday, 2 February 2013

Exploring Deryneia Park

Just over the road from us is a large park,  for Cyprus it is a very good park although I was quite surprised to see it described on one website as a 'theme park'!

It has a small playground, and what is described on the website as a 'Birds Exhibition'  - although it's more of a cage which is far too small for the birds inside. There are also several displays of traditional water pumping devices.  It's a shame that there is no information on them (not even in Greek) as they look quite interesting but I have no idea how most would work.

There are many twisty paths and different little areas to explore and Leo loves running around there. Although the playground isn't huge there is a climbing thing with a slide which Leo declared was a fire station and them spent a long time asking me where there was 'truffle' (trouble) and who needed rescuing so he could 'whoosh' down the slide to the rescue. 

We last went a couple of weeks ago, just before the boys were ill. It's a good time of year as it's far too hot to go in the summer, then you need to be near water!   At the moment there are big piles of leaves which Leo enjoyed kicking and playing with and treasure to be found.

Leo calls this park the 'Park with the statue' due to the War Memorial we pass on the way in. It has a slope running down behind it which is the easiest way in if you are pushing a buggy or the most fun way in if you are three years old! 
Deryneia war memorial
image credit

Country Kids from Coombe Mill Family Farm Holidays Cornwall


  1. thats a great example of natures treasure that Leo is holding there - we have a couple off big fir cones here in the lounge like that. fab find. sounds alike a great place to visit with lots of things to see and do x

  2. lovely photos..he looks like he is having fun xx

  3. Not sure I would call it a theme park but how wonderful to have it just down the road and looking empty with just you there to enjoy it. Who needs big rides when a few simple things and some leaves will do. It does look very Greek to me, love it! I envy you your lovely mild winters to get out and about. thank you for linking up on Country Kids.

  4. I wouldn't class it as a theme park either but it sounds like he had fun playing :)

  5. It looks so peaceful and spacious from your photographs... and no rain! It is so wet here I am quite jealous of anywhere with a blue sky :-) Lovely to find you on the Country Kids linky x

  6. Beautiful photographs, must be a great time of year to visit when the tourists aren't crowding it. Love the statue.

  7. We never get tourists this far away from the resorts (its; not THAT far, only about 10 minutes but far enough for them!)


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